Jim Gilman


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Jim Gilman provides Reservoir Engineering and Simulation consultation. He is also part-time advisor to a consulting company (iReservoir.com, Inc.). His expertise includes specialization in the area of application and development of numerical simulators for fluid flow in petroleum reservoirs. He has been involved in development of 3-phase simulators for naturally fractured reservoirs. He is actively involved consultation in the areas of reservoir engineering, reservoir simulation, naturally fractured reservoirs, and unconventional reservoirs. He has extensive training experience in these areas through Marathon, iReservoir and Nautilus. He previously was Manager of Reservoir and Well Performance, a multidisciplinary organization at Marathon Oil Company’s Technology Center. The organization provided 3-D geologic modeling, laboratory special core analysis, reservoir simulation, training and general reservoir engineering services. Jim has authored or co-authored over 50 articles primarily dealing with naturally fractured reservoirs, horizontal wells and unconventional reservoirs. He recently co-authored the book “Reservoir Simulation: History Matching and Forecasting” (SPE, 2013). He was a member of the SPE Editorial Review Committee from 1987-2000 and served as an Executive Editor for SPE Reservoir Evaluation and Engineering. He served as Chairman of the Twelfth SPE Symposium on Reservoir Simulation (1993) and on the program committees for the 1991 and 1997 symposiums. He has served as Chairman of the following committees: Symbols (1996), Monograph (2004), NFR Forum (2006), Books (2010-2012, 2017-18). Jim is a registered PE in Colorado, and a member of SPE. He currently offers training in Reservoir simulation through Nautilus and iReservoir.

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Houston, TX 77072
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