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SEG is committed to fostering ingenuity in the geosciences community by providing learning programs and leadership opportunities for emerging professionals.


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“SEG has provided an excellent platform to build my network and skill sets on both a professional and interpersonal level, which are critical as an early career scientist. I have met many qualified geophysicists, leading to a post-doctorate position and recruitment of skilled graduates with my current employer. I would highly encourage early career geoscientists to get involved in SEG in any way.

-Madeline Dana Lee, Ph.D. Ottawa, ON, SEG member for eight years and 2017-2018 SEG Board Member

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“Graduating is just your license to learn. It’s up to you to make sure that you remain very well informed and a valuable employee wherever you choose to work by staying abreast of what’s being developed in the science of geophysics and how people apply it. There’s really no other way to do that as effectively as by being a member of a professional organization.”

-Klaas Koster, Chief Geophysicist, Oxy and former SEG President


“I'd say never stop learning. That is my motto in life. You reach a certain stage and then you probably start thinking, ‘Well, I have done enough, and I've won some awards, and my name is well-known,’ but that is not the end game. The end point is continued learning.”

- Satinder Chopra, TGS

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“I would say to the next generation, joining SEG is what professionals do. It's part of your professional life.”

- Steve Hill, Past SEG President and author


Early career professionals enjoy the many benefits of SEG membership, including a subscription to The Leading Edge, access to the SEG Library, savings on the International Meeting for Applied Geoscience & Energy (IMAGE), workshops, conferences, and training courses , savings of up to 45% on most titles in the SEG Shop, and more.




EPIC (Emerging Professionals International Committee)

Are you an emerging professional and want to get more active within the SEG community? Then join EPIC members, become a volunteer, and make the work of SEG more streamlined and efficient. EPIC is SEG’s resource for emerging professionals (those with less than eight years in the industry). It is a global group sharing a common interest in sponsoring gatherings of emerging geoscientists to discuss and gain further understanding of their respective disciplines. EPIC has representation on associated SEG committees to ensure that the SEG leadership considers the needs and wants of its future leaders as guiding decisions are made. Keeping emerging professionals engaged with SEG is the committee's goal.

Volunteering for SEG lets you network and collaborate with other SEG members from all over the world on topics that you care about and that make an important contribution to the Society. Among other opportunities, SEG is currently seeking emerging professionals who want to volunteer on one of the following committees:

- Continuing Education
- Field Camps
- Health, Safety, Security, and Environment
- Reviews
- Travel Grants



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