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The EVOLVE program offers students direct experience in conducting multidisciplinary subsurface integration projects using real-world seismic, wireline, core, production, and other data.

Using the locally-installed Petrel, Kingdom or DecisionSpace software, students utilize modern technology and through experiential learning recommend the “Best Investment Opportunity” in their assigned dataset.

Project management, teamwork skills, and business values are honed within the context of exploration, reservoir appraisal, field development planning, and production enhancement scenarios. The program also links experienced Mentors to student teams, empowering the participants to solve the types of realistic challenges the students will encounter when they start working.

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What does EVOLVE stand for?

  • E&P and Environmentally-Sound: O&G, Carbon Mitigation, Underground Water Management, and Geothermal
  • Value Creation: Generate financial value for the Energy Industry
  • Online Collaboration: Cloud based platform or local installed software for team collaboration while working with real world energy datasets
  • Leading Edge Technologies and Workflows: Use of latest industry technologies
  • Versatile Approach: Develop methodology and critical thinking thereby increasing value added benefits to projects and productivity in team dynamics
  • Experienced Consultants: Real time interaction with highly skilled mentors

To learn more, please read the EVOLVE FAQ.

What makes EVOLVE unique?

From January to June, your team will engage in many technical activities, and if you work hard, you can expect to develop a good understanding of what being an Explorer in the “real world” is all about. Unlike other programs, EVOLVE is not about competition but about collaboration, not just within your own Team, but across Teams. There will be no announcement of a winning team, but rather recognition and certificates for best investment opportunity, best teamwork, and other categories. After completion of EVOLVE 2022, the names of the individuals that have satisfactorily and successfully completed the Program will be listed on the SEG website (affectionately referred to as “The Wall of Fame”).

A unique aspect of EVOLVE is that we choose exercises for which no one (not even the most experienced Mentors) has all the answers. EVOLVE will not be about teaching facts and knowledge, since you have resources in place to help you with those items. To the contrary, you will experience the ambiguous, elusive, and poorly understood world of Mother Nature and face the challenge of drawing conclusions and making decisions with insufficient information. The biggest part of your learning may come from observing how seasoned explorers face those same unknowns and challenges.

The EVOLVE 2022 Teams will be chosen from around the globe, and we will all work with individuals from different backgrounds with different “first-languages” and perspectives of the world. English will be the practical language of EVOLVE, but what we found in previous years is that we sometimes shift into other languages if that is necessary to facilitate communication. Having language skills and understanding different cultures is one of the strongest competitive advantages one can have.

What is the time commitment for EVOLVE?

EVOLVE is an intensive and challenging program, so do not underestimate the effort that will be required. We have found that teams that steadily dedicate at least 30+ hours a week (e.g., 6 hours x 5 Team members) through the entire 6-month period are the most successful and benefit the most. Given that we have to decline the participation of many applicants in any given EVOLVE year, if you are selected your Team will be expected to take its EVOLVE project to completion to receive the necessary recognition.

Become a 2022 EVOLVE Mentor

SEG seeks mentors to support the EVOLVE teams in a variety of ways, including: Dataset expert. Subsurface Subject Matter Expert and Other Advisor (e.g., Economics, Operations), Subsurface Workflow Specialist, Software Specialist, Local Advisor, and Communication Mentor.
Find out more information on how you can become a Mentor.

Become a 2022 EVOLVE Sponsor

The SEG and the SEG Foundation are seeking additional individual and industry partners to financially support EVOLVE, guide it, and ensure the program continues to succeed. To become a Team Sponsor and make a lasting impact on the next generation of geoscientists, please contact Katie Burk, director of development, at [email protected].

SEG EVOLVE Professional Program

After a successful pilot in 2020, SEG continues the SEG EVOLVE Professional program in 2022 for Oil and Service Company employees. Participants can be Geologists, Geophysicists, Engineers, Geotechnicians and related disciplines including Machine Learning, IT and Land people. SEG EVOLVE Professional will use the same datasets and training processes in the Student EVOLVE Program over a five month period, with participants spending about 25% of their work time on the project. For more details on SEG EVOLVE Professional, please email [email protected].


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Thank you to the numerous other individual donors, mentors and volunteers who also contribute to making the EVOLVE program a success!

“The SEG EVOLVE program has broken all stereotypes of what well-rounded explorationist training should look like. This is a multidisciplinary collaboration tool for future oil and gas professionals. It is a first of its kind in the degree of professionalism, technical challenge, real-life situations, noncompetitive learning environment, and peer and mentor support that it offers. I believe that EVOLVE is a rising star among diverse SEG programs. It brings value to both students and employers alike. By offering unique skill-building and recruitment opportunities, EVOLVE has helped give back to the oil and gas community. Simply put, EVOLVE is yet another reason to be involved with SEG.”

Olga Nedorub, Geophysicist at Apache Corporation, SEG EVOLVE Technical Committee chair

“The value of EVOLVE to participating students is immense. They gain exposure to real-world data, top-class mentors, industry-leading software, and critique and direction that no other industry/academia consortium can provide. There is no pressure or competition between teams to worry about, just learning and collaboration with team members and experienced industry consultants just a phone call or email away. This phenomenal learning experience is unmatched in any earth sciences industry program.”

Dean Mento, P.G. Senior Petroleum Geophysicist, IHRDC

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