Business of Applied Geophysics (BAG) Plenary Sessions

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Challenges and Solutions in Developing Resource Plays
Business of Applied Geophysics Plenary Session

16 September 2019
10:15 AM - 12:00 PM

Convention Center: Stars at Night Ballroom B1

Organizers: Kevin Woller and Glenn Winters

Speakers will compare and contrast resource play development with conventional play development. Problems and solutions unique to resource plays will be reviewed that may include topics such as well permitting, frac water sourcing, water disposal, natural gas production, pipeline constraints, investment and financing considerations, hydraulic fracturing techniques, technical challenges and goal, technology gaps, regulations, and personnel needs.


10:15–10:20 AM
Opening Remarks/Introduction by Glenn Winters and Kevin Woller

10:20–10:40 AM
Characterization of Unconventional Reservoirs Unlocked
Klaas Koster, Chief of Geophysics, Oxy

10:40–11:00 AM
Geophysics: A Key to Improving Predictive Multivariate Models
Patrick Rutty, Drilling Info

11:00–11:20 AM
Chevron in the Permian, Our Legacy and Future
Andrew Deighan, General Manager Exploration, Chevron North America Exploration and Production Company

11:20–11:40 AM
Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities in Play Development – Pipelines, water, methane…
Bryan Shaw, TxOGA

11:40 AM–12:00 PM
Open Panel Discussion with Q&A

Putting Diversity to Work
Business of Applied Geophysics Plenary Session

16 September 2019
1:45 PM - 4:50 PM

Convention Center: Stars at Night Ballroom B1

Organizers: Mike Loudin and Maitri Erwin

Until recently, diversity and inclusion have been narrowly viewed in terms of increasing the participation of women and underrepresented minorities in the workforce. As the demographics of the workforce change, so does its global nature, as well as the imperative to integrate between many interrelated disciplines. Thus, members of the workforce often find themselves in a profoundly diverse working environment. This is a challenge but also a resource, and this forum will examine how some organizations thrive in this brave new world.


1:45–1:50 PM
Opening Remarks, Introduction by Mike Loudin and Maitri Erwin

1:50–2:15 PM
By the Numbers: Diversity and Inclusion in the Geosciences
Allyson Anderson Book, Executive Director, American Geosciences Institute

2:15–2:40 PM
Diversity – Is it possible and does it have an impact?
Fred Dyen, Human Resources Director, Schlumberger

Inclusion Enhances Diversity: Focusing on Inclusion in Academia can Increase Retention, Scholarship and more
Hendratta Ali, Chair, SEG Women's Network

Inclusion and Diversity: Mirroring the Natural World
Stacey Weltmer, Geology Discipline Manager, ExxonMobil

3:30–3:55 PM
Models of Diversity in Geoscience: Supporting a Diverse Workplace
Eric Riggs, Associate Professor, Department of Geology and Geophysics, Texas A&M University

3:55–4:20 PM
Propelling Yourself and the Business Forward – Untapping the Human Resource
Ellen Vernotzy, General Manager Frontier Exploration and Appraisal, Africa/Latin America, Chevron

4:20–4:50 PM
Open Panel Discussion with Q/A

Digital Transformation in Petroleum Geophysics: What Impacts Are We Seeing?
Business of Applied Geophysics Plenary Session

17 September 2019
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Convention Center: Stars at Night Ballroom B1

Organizers: Dimitri Bevc and John Toldi

A touted characteristic of digital transformation is that it is agile, that change is rapid and disruptive in a positive sense. As an industry, we’ve now been solidly down this path for a couple of years. Last year at SEG we had a BAG plenary session that was visionary and forward looking, describing and discussing what are the business opportunities and challenges, and how can the business transform. For the most part, the industry has bought into this vision and is executing on digital transformation, so this year’s session will ask “what do we have to show for it?” How have the business practices of geophysics been transformed, and what business impacts are we seeing? Has the form and degree of impact varied by business segment, e.g. deepwater conventionals vs. unconventionals?


9:00–11:00 AM
Panel Discussions

Scott Neal, Manager Exploration and Applied Reservoir Management, Mid-Continent Business Unit, Chevron North America E&P, Chevron

Biondo Biondi, Professor of Geophysics, Stanford

Jose Valls, CTO Process Manufacturing and Energy, Microsoft

Xiaojun Huang, Senior Digital Transformation Advisor, ExxonMobil

Latin America and the Caribbean: Business Opportunities and Challenges
Business of Applied Geophysics Plenary Session

17 September 2019
1:50 PM - 5:25 PM

Convention Center: Stars at Night Ballroom B1

Organizers: Sergio Chavez-Perez and Ana Curcio

The aim of this session is to listen to, and interact with, key representatives and international leaders providing overviews on industry insights, current challenges, latest developments, commercial opportunities, and networking activity related to oil, gas, and mineral exploration activities in Latin America and the Caribbean region. Emphasis will be on Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela, and an overview of the whole region. 


1:50–2:05 PM
Opening Remarks/Introduction by Sergio Chávez-Pérez, Ana Curcio, and Paul Cunningham

2:05–2:25 PM
New Seismic Ventures in Argentina O&G Industry: Integration in a Virtuous Circle
Luis A. Vernengo, Head of Geophysics, PanAmerican Energy

2:25–2:45 PM
Belize ... the most unique energy discovery in the world!
Susan Morrice, Chairperson, Belize Natural Energy

2:45–3:05 PM
Deep Exploration Gas Play in Bolivia: The Boyuy X2 Exploration Project
Tomás Zapata, Director of Exploration Assets Americas, Repsol

3:05–3:25 PM
Geophysical Challenges and Opportunities in Offshore Brazil
Luís Henrique Amaral, Gerente de Tecnologia Geofísica, Petrobras

3:25–3:45 PM
Seismic Imaging over Foothills: Challenges and Solutions
Héctor Alfonso, Senior Geophysicist Adviser, Ecopetrol

3:45–4:05 PM
Petronas Mexico: Deepwater Activities
Anglia Sweet, Senior Technical Manager, Petronas Mexico

4:05–4:25 PM
Future Potential for the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, and Refining Industries in Venezuela
John Conlon, Consultant, INEXS

4:25–5:25 PM
Open Panel Discussion with Q/A

Improving the Business Model of Land Seismic and Processing in the US: Technology, Quality, Economics
Business of Applied Geophysics Plenary Session

18 September 2019
8:30 AM - 10:35 AM

Convention Center: Stars at Night Ballroom B1

Organizers: David Monk and Joseph Reilly

Recent worldwide advances in land acquisition and processing technology has resulted in a step change in data quality and productivity in those regions where these practices are being aggressively applied. In mainland USA the challenges of market conditions, environment, culture, asset type, funding, and transfer of knowledge have resulted in a relatively slower pace of adoption. This panel will present and discuss examples of worldwide successes of higher effort/advanced technology programs. They will then explore business models that could be supported in the US market, as well as describe and outline other barriers that need to be overcome in order for the industry to move forward technically while providing positive cash flow for the suppliers.


8:30–8:35 AM
Opening Remarks/Introduction by David Monk and Joseph Reilly

8:35–8:45 AM
Land Seismic Acquisition: Denser, Faster, Better: Middle East Experience
Saad Al-Akeel, CEO, ARGAS

8:45–8:55 AM
Perspectives for Future Land Seismic
Lixin Zhai, President of BGP International

8:55–9:05 AM
Changing Business of Seismic Acquisition in the US
Steve Jumper, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO, Dawson

9:05–9:15 AM
The Sustainability of the Multi-client Seismic Industry
Peter Jones, Region Director, North America Land, WesternGeco

9:15–9:25 AM
Compressive Seismic Imaging on Land: Applications and Challenges
Chengbo Li, ConocoPhillips

9:25–9:35 AM
Wide Azimuth/High Density is the Way But How Do We Pay?
Scott Michell, Director of Geophysics, BP

9:35–10:35 AM
Open Panel Discussion with Q/A

The Changing Business Climate of Marine Geophysics: Roadmap to the Future
Business of Applied Geophysics Plenary Session

18 September 2019
1:50 PM - 3:55 PM

Convention Center: Stars at Night Ballroom B1

Organizers: Bill Abriel and Joseph Reilly

Recent events in the marine seismic industry have resulted in key providers moving to an “asset light” model, the global fleet of seismic streamer vessels being reduced and consolidated with fewer providers, and a historically low rate of equipment refresh. At the same time, the node market is growing with demand likely to exceed current vendor capacity and equipment supply. Finally, the process for permitting these surveys is becoming increasingly complex. The panel will present and discuss the substantial changes in global marine geophysics, trends, and consequences of equipment supply and availability, international government policy, regulating, and permitting.


1:50–1:55 PM
Opening Remarks/Introduction by William Abriel and Joseph Reilly

1:55–2:05 PM
Explore Smarter: the Transforming Marine Seismic Industry
Duncan Eley, CEO, Polarcus

2:05–2:15 PM
What just happened? Learning lessons for the future of seismic
Peter Hooper, CCO, Shearwater GeoServices

2:15–2:05 PM
The advantage of an integrated strategy in the evolving marine seismic landscape
Nathan Oliver, EVP Sales & Imaging, PGS

2:25–2:35 PM
Prospects for OBN in the Exploration Phase
Shaohua Zhang, Chief Geophysicist, BGP

2:35–2:45 PM
Scalable OBN Solutions - Revitalizing Mature Basins
John Smythe, VP Technical Marketing and Sales, Fairfield Geotechnologies

2:45–2:55 PM
Sustainable Evolution of Seismic Acquisition Technology for a Challenging Environment
Paul Williamson, Total

2:55–3:55 PM
Open Panel Discussion with Q/A

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