SEG honors top 25 presenters from SEG Anaheim 2018 

Congratulations to the Top 25 Technical Program Presenters from the SEG International Exposition and 88th Annual Meeting in Anaheim, California! 

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These finalists' presentations scored the highest out of the 1,090 accepted presentations (oral and poster) for the 2018 Annual Meeting Technical Program. Each was evaluated by judges based on items; such as, delivery, structure, technical veracity, innovation, A/V quality and effectiveness, and overall presentation. 

After further evaluation by the 2018 Annual Meeting Technical Program Committee, eight of these presenters will be honored at the SEG Honors and Awards Ceremony during the SEG International Exposition and 89th Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, with one of the following awards: Top Oral Paper, Oral Paper Honorable Mention, Top Poster Paper, Poster Paper Honorable Mention, Top Student Oral Paper, Student Oral Paper Award of Merit, Top Student Poster Paper, and Student Poster Paper Award of Merit. 

Kudos to all on a job well done! 

Top 25 

Presentations are listed in alphabetical order by presentation title. 

Accurate estimates of simultaneous seismic velocity changes and interfracture-source distances from coda wave interferometry
Speaker: Jonathan Singh

Amplitude variation with offset (AVO) inversion modeling with a local elastic solver
Speaker: Elena Jaimes

Anisotropic wave equations for single-mode wave propagations
Speaker: Sheng Xu

Beyond chi-squared: Additional measures of the closeness of a model to data
Speaker: Alan Jones

Constraining the T2*-T2 relationship in surface nuclear magnetic resonance free-induction decay data
Speaker: Denys Grombacher

Correcting for salt misinterpretation with full-waveform inversion
Speaker: Zhigang Zhang

Creating 3D images of the subsurface from high-resolution towed transient electromagnetic data
Speaker: Esben Auken

Diving wave illumination using RTM to analyze acquisition geometries for FWI
Speaker: Imtiaz Ahmed

Elastic-parameters inversion from EI based on the deep-learning method
Speaker: Danping Cao

Extraction of tomography mode for full-waveform inversion with nonstationary smoothing
Speaker: Gang Yao

Flexible high-performance multiphysics waveform modeling on unstructured spectral-element meshes
Speaker: Christian Boehm

Frac-hits mapped by tube waves: A diagnostic tool to complement microseismic monitoring
Speaker: Zhao Zheng

Highlighting discontinuities with variational-mode decomposition-based coherence
Speaker: Bin Lyu

How to calculate sweetness accurately: Theoretical analysis and case study
Speaker: Yang Liu

Igneous bodies that look like sedimentary features in seismic data: A way to avoid pitfalls in seismic interpretation
Speaker: Kurt Marfurt

Jump-starting neural network training for seismic problems
Speaker: Fantine Huot

Keys to robust reflection-based full-waveform inversion
Speaker: Dong Sun

Least-squares seismic horizons with local slopes and multigrid correlations
Speaker: Xinming Wu

Magnetoseismic resistivity mapping: Fundamentals and challenges
Speaker: Deniz Ertas

MyShake: Building a global smartphone earthquake early-warning system
Speaker: Qingkai Kong

Nonlinear-amplitude variation with offset inversion based a novel exact PP reflection coefficient
Speaker: Guangsen Cheng

Q-interface imaging based on data-domain attenuation estimation
Speaker: Bei Li

SCOOP and STACK inversion case studies
Speaker: Satinder Chopra

Time-lapse seismic monitoring of individual hydraulic-frac stages using a downhole DAS array: Part 1 — Field experiment and observations
Speaker: David Monk

Triaxial induction tool response in dipping and triaxially anisotropic formations
Speaker: Gong Wang

Join us for a hot time in San Antonio!

The upcoming SEG International Exposition and 89th Annual Meeting will be held 15-20 September 2019 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, TX USA. Make plans now to explore the hottest technological advances in geophysics in San Antonio!

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