SEG honors top 39 presenters from SEG Houston 2017

Congratulations to the Top 39 Technical Program Presenters from the SEG International Exposition and 87th Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas!

These finalists’ presentations scored the highest out of the 1,163 accepted presentations (oral, poster and e-presentations) for the 2017 Annual Meeting Technical Program.  Each was evaluated by judges based on items; such as, delivery, material, slides, and overall presentation. Download a sample of the judging forms.

After further evaluation by the 2017 Annual Meeting Technical Program Committee, eight of these presenters will be honored at the SEG Honors and Awards Ceremony during the SEG International Exposition and 88th Annual Meeting in Anaheim, California, with one of the following awards: Top Oral Paper, Oral Paper Honorable Mention, Top Poster Paper, Poster Paper Honorable Mention, Top Student Oral Paper, Student Oral Paper Award of Merit, Top Student Poster Paper, and Student Poster Paper Award of Merit.

Kudos to all on a job well done!

Top 39

Presentations are listed in alphabetical order by presentation title.

Acoustic characterization and imaging of shale gas fractures in horizontal wells
Speaker: Dr. Xiaoming Tang, PhD

Algebraic degree of an elementary wavefront
Speaker: Dr. Vladimir Grechka

Anisotropic model building from logs in vertical wells
Speaker: Dr. Yunyue Elita Li, PhD

Anisotropic prestack depth migration processing in the Permian Basin, Texas
Speaker: Ananya Roy, PhD

Application of sequential and Kalman filters for seismic-geomechanics reservoir monitoring
Speaker: Dr. Ran Bachrach, PhD

Automatic noise exploration in urban areas
Speaker: Ms. Fantine E Huot

Automatic velocity model building with complex salt: Can computers finally do an interpreter’s job?
Speaker: Scott Michell

Broadband least-squares wave-equation migration
Speaker: Dr. Shaoping Lu, PhD

Characterization of fluid-flow anisotropy in a carbonate reservoir using AVAZ inversion of wide-azimuth seismic data
Speaker: Dr. Colin Michael Sayers, PhD

Coherence attribute applications on seismic data in various guises
Speaker: Mr. Satinder Chopra

Crosswell electromagnetic survey: An effective approach for reservoir-scale saturation mapping
Speaker: Mr. Ping Zhang

Diffraction-based migration velocity analysis using double-path summation
Speaker: Mr. Dmitry Merzlikin

Effect of capillary pressure on seismic velocities
Speaker: Mr. Khemraj Shukla

Enhance—estimate—image: New processing approach for single-sensor and other seismic data with low prestack signal-to-noise ratio
Speaker: Dr. Andrey Bakulin

Extending the reach of full-waveform inversion with reflection data: Potential and challenges
Speaker: Mr. Adriano Gomes

Fault visualization enhancement using ant tracking technique and its application in the Taranaki basin, new Zealand
Speaker: Mr. Tianze Zhang, PhD

High-resolution acoustic imaging of laboratory rock samples using full-waveform inversion
Speaker: Ms. Farnoush Forghani Arani

Improving minibasin and subsalt imaging with reflection full-waveform inversion
Speaker: Ms. Katarina Jonke

Inversion of seismic data for reservoir properties: Recent advances and the road ahead
Speaker: Mr. Patrick Connolly

Low-cost high-resolution 3D and 4D seismic for deepwater fields
Speaker: Paul J. Hatchell

New global lake gravity from advances in satellite altimetry processing
Speaker: Dr. Samuel Cheyney, PhD

Notional ghosts
Speaker: Gary Hampson

On the value of detailed geological modeling in evaluating seismic acquisition and imaging requirements: An example of permafrost in Alaska
Speaker: Dr. Elizabeth L'Heureux, PhD

Oriented anisotropy continuation using shifted hyperbola traveltime approximation
Speaker: Mr. Dmitry Merzlikin

Phase sequencing, marine vibrators, and high-multiplicity simultaneous sources
Speaker: Mr. David Fraser Halliday

Probabilistic seismic inversion using pseudo-wells
Speaker: Mr. Patrick Connolly

PS depth imaging to detect clastic reservoirs: Vietnam’s first 3D-4-C OBC survey in the Cuu Long Basin
Speaker: Ms. Fong Cheen Loh

Rapid autonomous marine 4D (RAM4D) — Unmanned time-lapse seismic acquisition
Speaker: Dr. David Chalenski, PhD

Reconstruction of S-waves from low-cost randomized and simultaneous acquisition by joint sparse inversion
Speaker: Ali M. Alfaraj

Removing numerical dispersion artifacts from reverse time migration and full-waveform inversion
Speaker: Mr. Erik F. M. Koene

Salt model building at Atlantis with full-waveform inversion
Speaker: Mr. Xukai Shen

Seeing below the diving wave penetration with full-waveform inversion
Speaker: Mr. Denes Vigh

Seismic attribute illumination of a synthetic transfer zone
Speaker: Paritosh Bhatnagar

Semiautomatic seismic well ties and log data interpolation
Speaker: Sean Bader

Source radiation patterns for S-wave exploration
Speaker: Dr. James E. Gaiser

Sparse blind deconvolution of common-offset GPR data
Speaker: Mr. Sajad Jazayeri

Statistical imaging of faults in 3D seismic volumes using a machine learning approach
Speaker: Dr. Antoine Georges Guitton, PhD

SV-P imaging compared to P-SV imaging: Analysis of statics and velocities required to create an SV-P image
Speaker: Mr. Bruce G. Karr

Waveform inversion in acoustic orthorhombic media with a practical set of parameters
Speaker: Mr. Nabil Masmoudi

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