SEG and the social contribution of applied geophysics

The profession of applied geophysics has a history of innovation that includes driving major developments of the past century in computation, data management, processing of digital signals and images, visualization and more.

Geophysics Innovates

SEG has partnered with industry to develop advanced data models for seeing under the surface of the earth.

Learn more about SEG Advanced Modeling (SEAM)

Geophysics Contributes

Through Geoscientists Without  Borders®, SEG uses geophysics to find water, mitigate natural disasters, and reduce human and animal impacts on the environment around the globe.

Learn more about Geoscientists Without  Borders®

Geophysics Inspires

SEG uses a network of volunteers, corporate sponsors, and academic institutions to help the future generation of geophysicists transition into careers.

Learn more about SEG Student and Early Career

Geophysics Discovers

SEG gives special focus to the study of the near surface through a dedicated technical section specializing in near-surface geophysics.

Learn more about the Near Surface Technical Section

Geophysicists Care

The SEG Foundation creates opportunities for geophysicists and advances the science of geophysics through the contribution and support of members and corporate sponsors.

Learn more about the SEG Foundation

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