SEG Middle East Office
SEG Middle East Office

SEG is the premier global geosciences society in the Middle East.


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SEG Middle East is a diverse and dynamic regional office as measured by membership, constituents, and activities in the region. When appropriate, SEG partners with Middle Eastern constituents to deliver superior and innovative products and services that meet their business needs, while at the same time fulfilling the overall mission of SEG.

Sections and Associated Societies

Tom Agnew

Associate Executive Director, Global Development and Meetings


Yogaani Bhatia

Director, Middle East and Africa and Asia-Pacific - Dubai

+9714 3724881

Bhavana Raj

Marketing Executive

+9714 3724882

Anneke De Klerk

Event Planner

+9714 371 2710

Adrienne Maxine Lara

Event Planner

+9714 3712856


For more information about SEG's Middle East Office, please contact:

[email protected] 

+9714 3724880

+9714 3724204

Main Address:
Dubai Silicon Oasis
Office D-708
Dubai, UAE (View map)

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 341335
Dubai Silicon Oasis
Dubai, UAE

10300 Town Park Dr. Ste SE 1000
Houston, TX 77072
Membership Services : +1.918.497.5581
Email: [email protected]

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