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Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) China Office was formally established on April 3, 2008, and it is the first regional office to serve the growing international membership and exchange program.

SEG China belongs to SEG Global, Inc., and it is principally engaged in market development and promotional activities, publications and conferences, and SEG member support.

At the end of June 2015, SEG China set up a wholly owned foreign enterprise in Beijing of China that is committed to providing better services to support and conduct SEG activities and presence in China.

SEG History and the China Project

SEG has a long history in China, and it has achieved great results by establishing close working relationships with state-owned oil companies, China National Petroleum Eastern Geophysical Company, universities, and private enterprises. In the early 1980s, SEG and the Chinese Petroleum Society jointly organized an annual meeting and trade show that occurs once every four years. SEG China actively participated in the exhibition of the various project activities, and Chinese students regularly participate in these activities to support this important organization.

Sections and Associated Societies

Student Chapters

SEG currently has over 50 student chapters in Asia. For a complete list, please visit the student chapter listing page.

Stephen Doukas

Associate Executive Director, Operations


Amelie Ma

General Manager/Meetings and Events Manager

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Vicky Bai

Office Admin and Financial Officer

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David Wang

Event Planner

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Flora Wu

Meetings and Events Specialist

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Upcoming Events

20 Mar - 23 Mar | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
OTC Asia
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Partner Conferences
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
27 Mar - 29 Mar | Beijing, China
CIPPE 2018
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Partner Conferences
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24 Apr - 27 Apr | Beijing, China
CPS/SEG Beijing 2018 International Geophysical Conference and Exposition
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Beijing, China
20 May - 23 May | Beijing, China
2018 SEG Rock Physics and Digital Rock Applications Workshop
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SEG Featured Events
Beijing, China

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