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SEG offers several types of individual memberships that are specially designed for each phase in your geophysics career.

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The eligibility requirements below will direct you to the membership type that’s right for you.

Eligibility Requirements SEG Membership Options
Active Associate Student Junior Corporate
Share the purpose and objectives of the Society
Actively engaged, either now or recently, in practicing or teaching geophysics or a related scientific field (such as but not limited to physics, mathematics, engineering, or geology)
Eight (8) years of educational* and/or full-time professional experience reflecting professional maturity in geophysics or a related field such as physics, mathematics, engineering or geology
Self-certify that you meet all eligibility requirements
Actively interested in geophysics  
Currently enrolled or enrolled within the last 6 months    
Enrolled as a graduate or undergraduate student in good standing    
Enrolled at a recognized university or college    
Pre-university student      
Demonstrated ability and interest in the geosciences through enrollment in an advanced-level secondary education geosciences course or a non-credit earth science course offered by a recognized university or college (also includes programs offered by science centers, community-based organizations, and the Scouts movement, particularly those who have earned the natural science merit badge, specifically in geology or other informal educational institutions)      
Formal recommendation for admittance into the Society from a teacher, mentor or a professional geoscientist      
Corporation or organization that must be actively engaged in geophysical exploration, geophysical research, or a related field, or in furnishing services or products used in geophysical exploration or research        
Actively interested in supporting the objectives of the Society        
Provide services and products that are demonstrably based on accepted principles of the physical sciences        

* Experience equivalency for the highest degree earned:

Bachelor’s Degree
4 years
Master’s Degree
5 years
7 years

The Society of Exploration Geophysicists is incorporated in the United States of America and must abide by all laws regarding sanctions. For information regarding membership for citizens of U.S. sanctioned countries, refer to the Policy and Procedures Manual.

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