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Honors and Awards Nominations


One of SEG's great traditions is the special recognition of individuals and organizations for their contributions to geophysics and to the Society. The Honors and Awards Committee annually solicits nominations for deserving recipients to be honored at the SEG Annual Meeting.

In order to guarantee that all deserving individuals and organizations receive consideration for appropriate recognition all nominations must be received by 1 January to allow the Honors and Awards Committee enough time for appropriate investigation, deliberation, and recommendations to the SEG Board of Directors.

Nominations should be sent to:

SEG Honors and Awards Committee
c/o SEG Business Office
8801 S. Yale Ave, Suite 500
Tulsa, OK 74137-2740, USA

Nominations may also be emailed.

Please include a brief summary describing the specific achievement or contribution that you think merits formal recognition by SEG. Supporting information and letters of recommendation are very useful to the committee. Additional guidelines have been provided by the Honors and Awards Committee.

Your timely input is vital to this important function of the SEG. If you have any questions, please send them via email. Thank you very much for your assistance in making SEG's Honors and Awards Program a meaningful and representative activity of the Society.

The Maurice Ewing Medal shall be awarded from time to time to a person who, by a unanimous vote of both the Honors and Awards Committee and the Board of Directors, is deserving of SEG’s highest honor through having made distinguished contributions both to the advancement of the science and to the profession of exploration geophysics. The award of the Maurice Ewing Award shall confer Honorary Membership on its recipients.

1978 Cecil H. Green
1979 C. Hewitt Dix
1981 J. Tuzo Wilson
1982 Frank Press
1983 W. Harry Mayne
1984 L. L. Nettleton
1985 N. A. Anstey
1986 J. E. White
1987 Arthur A. Brant
1988 Franklyn K. Levin
1989 Sven Treitel

1990 Milo M. Backus
1991 Theodor C. Krey
1992 Jon F. Claerbout
1993 M. Turhan Taner
1995 Harold O. Seigel
1996 Ken Larner
1997 Thomas R. LaFehr
1998 Robert E. Sheriff
1999 Gerald H. F. Gardner
2000 Stanley H. Ward
2001 Enders A. Robinson

2002 Gordon F. West
2003 A. J. Berkhout
2004 Vlastislav Cervený
2005 Robert J. Graebner
2006 Fred Hilterman
2007 Roy Oliver Lindseth
2008 John W. C. Sherwood
2009 David W. Strangway
2010 Anthony R. Barringer
2010 M. Nafi Toksöz
2011 Amos M. Nur

2012 George A. McMechan
2013 Peter Hubral
2014 Norman Bleistein
2015 Manik Talwani
2016 Arthur B. Weglein
2017 Samuel Gray
2018 Albert Tarantola
2019 Robert H. Stolt
2020 Leon Thomsen

Honorary Membership shall be conferred upon persons who, by unanimous vote of the Honors and Awards Committee and the Board of Directors, have made distinguished contributions, which warrants exceptional recognition, to exploration geophysics or a related field or to the advancement of the profession of exploration geophysics through service to the Society.

1930 L. Mintrop
1930 E. L. DeGolyer
1936 Wallace E. Pratt
1936 L. P. Garrett
1940 Donald C. Barton (posthumous)
1950 John C. Karcher
1952 E. A. Eckhardt
1954 Cecil H. Green
1954 James B. Macelwane
1954 Paul Weaver
1956 Lewis L. Nettleton
1957 W. Maurice Ewing
1958 Burton McCollum
1958 William Shriever
1959 W. T. Born
1959 Frank Rieber (posthumous)
1959 Louis B. Slichter
1960 M. King Hubbert
1962 Dave P. Carlton
1962 Sigmund I. Hammer
1963 Arthur A. Brant
1963 Roy L. Lay
1965 Ralph D. Wyckoff
1966 L. Y. Faust
1966 O. F. Ritzmann
1967 Frank Goldstone
1967 Paul L. Lyons
1968 Norman H. Ricker
1968 J. P. Woods
1969 C. Hewitt Dix
1969 Raymond A. Peterson
1970 F. A. Van Melle
1971 John C. Hollister
1971 Eugene McDermott
1971 H. B. Peacock
1971 O. S. Petty Sr.
1971 Henry Salvatori
1971 G. H. Westby
1972 Frank Press
1973 Antonio Garcia Rojas
1973 J. Tuzo Wilson
1974 Daniel Silverman
1975 Albert W. Musgrave

1976 Roland G. Henderson
1976 James E. White
1977 Nigel A. Anstey
1977 Bastiaan Baars
1978 Howard R. Breck
1978 John M. Crawford
1978 Milton B. Dobrin
1978 Franklyn K. Levin
1978 W. Harry Mayne
1978 Vincent E. McKelvey
1978 M. Turhan Taner
1978 Sam P. Worden
1979 Sidney Kaufman
1979 Thomas R. LaFehr
1979 Robert E. Sheriff
1978 Robert Van Nostrand
1980 Samuel J. Allen 1980 Bimal K. Bhattacharyya (posthumous)
1980 Kenneth E. Burg
1980 Carl H. Savit
1981 Charles C. Bates
1981 Santos Figueroa
1981 Richard A. Geyer
1981 Theodor C. Krey
1982 Klaus Helbig
1982 William M. Rust Jr.
1982 J. Dan Skelton
1982 Stanley H. Ward
1983 Michel T. Halbouty
1983 Robert B. Rice
1983 Enders A. Robinson
1983 David W. Strangway
1983 Sven Treitel
1984 Roy O. Lindseth
1984 Aaron J. Seriff
1984 Paul C. Wuenschel
1985 Jon F. Claerbout
1985 Booth B. Strange
1985 Peter R. Vail
1985 Keeva Vozoff
1986 Allan V. Cox
1986 S. Norman Domenico
1986 Lucien J. B. LaCoste
1987 Craig Ferris

1987 Albert A. Fitch
1987 Misac N. Nabighian
1988 Milo M. Backus
1988 Gu Gong-Xu
1989 J. G. Hagedoorn
1989 Fabio L. Rocca
1989 Ethel Ward-McLemore
1990 Peter N. S. O'Brien
1990 William A. Schneider
1990 Sabba S. Stefanescu
1991 Gerald H. F. Gardner
1991 Pierre L. Goupillaud
1991 Gordon F. West
1992 Vlastislav Cerveny
1992 Gerald W. Hohmann (posthumous)
1992 John H. Hyden
1993 A. J. Berkhout
1993 John W. C. Sherwood
1993 James R. Wait
1994 Ernest R. Kanasewich
1994 Johann W. Sattlegger
1995 Robert J. Graebner
1995 Fred Hilterman
1995 Paul Newman
1995 Weng Wen-Bo (posthumous)
1996 Amos M. Nur
1996 Roy E. White
1997 Anders Farestveit
1997 Peter Hubral
1997 Edward Rudolph Prince Jr.
1998 William S. French
1998 Robert H. Stolt
1999 H. Frank Morrison
1999 M. Nafi Toksöz
2000 A. Peter Annan
2000 Larry R. Lines
2001 Robert J. Garotta
2001 Douglas W. Oldenburg
2001 Gerald M. Mavko
2002 L. Decker Dawson
2002 Michael Schoenberger
2003 Mike Graul
2003 Richard O. Hansen

2003 Ian G. Jack
2004 Aleksander A. Kaufman
2004 Tadeusz J. Ulrych
2004 Ronald W. Ward (posthumous)
2005 Norman Bleistein
2005 James D. Robertson
2006 Alistair R. Brown
2007 Virgil Bardan
2007 Bob A. Hardage
2008 William N. Barkhouse
2008 Rutt Bridges
2008 L. C. (Lee) Lawyer
2008 Brian H. Russell
2009 Samir Abdelmoaty
2009 Don Steeples
2009 Sally G. Zinke
2010 Michael S. Bahorich
2010 Walter S. Lynn
2010 Professor Bjørn Ursin
2011 Peter M. Duncan
2011 Öz Yilmaz
2011 Roel Snieder
2012 Kurt J. Marfurt
2012 Mark D. Zoback
2013 Michael S. Zhdanov
2013 Paul L. Stoffa
2014 Craig J. Beasley
2014 Jack P. Dvorkin
2014 Nick Moldoveanu
2014 Adrian T. de Hoop
2015 Ilya Tsvankin
2015 Mrinal Sen
2015 Anton Ziolkowski
2015 Douglas C. Fraser
2016 Joe Dellinger
2017 Yaoguo Li
2017 Carlos Torres-Verdín
2018 Fred Aminzadeh
2020 James W. Rector

The Kauffman Gold Medal is awarded to a person who, in the unanimous opinion of the Honors and Awards Committee and the Board of Directors, has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the science of geophysical exploration as manifested during the previous five years. The contribution may be of a technical or a professional nature.

1966 Cecil H. Green
1967 Lucien J. B. LaCoste
1968 Howard A. Slack
1969 Robert E. Sheriff
1970 Roy O. Lindseth
1971 Joseph Zemanek
1972 Nigel A. Anstey
1973 Samuel J. Allen
1974 David W. Strangway
1975 Stephen Chelminski
1976 Peter R. Vail
1977 M. B. Widess
1978 William J. Zwart
1979 Carl H. Savit
1980 A. R. Barringer
1981 S. Norman Domenico

1982 J. T. Cherry
1982 Kenneth H. Waters
1983 Sidney Kaufman
1983 Jack E. Oliver
1984 Fred J. Hilterman
1985 William J. Ostrander
1986 John W. C. Sherwood
1988 Stuart Crampin
1989 Ira David Hale
1990 Richard M. Alford
1991 Öz Yilmaz
1994 Davis W. Ratcliff
1995 Fred J. Barr Jr.
1995 Joe I. Sanders
1996 Ilya Tsvankin
1997 George A. McMechan

1998 Michael S. Bahorich
1999 Eivind W. Berg
1999 James E. Martin
1999 Bjørnar A. Svenning
2001 Patrick Connolly
2002 Michael L. Batzle
2002 Zhijing (Zee) Wang
2003 Gregory A. Partyka
2004 N. Ross Hill
2005 Robert J. Greaves
2005 Terry Fulp
2006 Dirk Jacob (Eric) Verschuur
2007 Terje Eidesmo
2007 Svein Ellingsrud
2007 Leonard James Srnka
2008 Carl J. Regone

2008 John T. Etgen
2009 No award
2010 Gerard Thomas Schuster
2010 Kees Wapenaar
2012 Yu Zhang
2013 Serge A. Shapiro
2014 Peter M. Duncan
2015 H. Justus Rozemond
2016 Gerhard Pratt
2016 Laurent Sirgue
2017 Manika Prasad
2018 Mrinal Sen
2019 Mauricio D. Sacchi
2020 Carlos Torres-Verdin

The Cecil Green Enterprise Award was established to recognize the importance of an individual enterprise to the economic vitality of our industry and shall be conferred from time to time on persons who, in the unanimous opinion of the Honors and Awards Committee and the Board of Directors, have demonstrated courage, ingenuity, and achievement while risking their own resources and future in developing a product, service, organization, or activity which is recognized as a distinct and worthy contribution to the industry.

1989 Roy O. Lindseth (Teknica Resource Development)
1991 Rutt Bridges (MicroMAX)
1992 Charles R. Pelton (Pelton Company)
1993 James Duncan McNeill (Geonics)
1995 Kenneth L. Zonge (Zonge Engineering and Research)
1996 Daniel Patrick Hampson (Hampson and Russell Software Services Ltd.)
1996 Brian H. Russell (Hampson and Russell Software Services Ltd.)
1997 L. Decker Dawson (Dawson Geophysical)
1998 David B. Robson (Veritas Seismic Processing Ltd.)
1999 Harold A (Andy) Hildebrand (Landmark Graphics)
1999 Robert S. Limbaugh (Landmark Graphics)
1999 John O. Mouton (Landmark Graphics)
1999 H. Roice Nelson Jr. (Landmark Graphics)
2000 Thomas A. Smith (Seismic Micro-Technology Inc. SMT)
2001 Aubra E. Tilley (Input/Output)
2002 James (Pat) Cunneen (Aerodata Holdings Limited)
2003 Paul van Riel (Jason Geosystems)
2004 Fred J. Hilterman (Geophysical Development Corporation (GDC))
2004 Reginald N. Neale (Geophysical Development Corporation (GDC))
2004 John W.C. Sherwood (Geophysical Development Corporation (GDC))
2005 Alan Faichney (Concept Systems Limited)
2005 Alastair Hay (Concept Systems Limited)

2005 David Phillip (Concept Systems Limited)
2006 A. Peter Annan (Sensors & Software, Inc.)
2006 Charles David Leggatt (Sensors & Software, Inc.)
2006 Steve Cosway (Sensors & Software, Inc.)
2006 Lowry T. Chua (Sensors & Software, Inc.)
2007 (no award recipients this year)
2008 Billy F. Mitcham Sr. (Mitcham Industries)
2009 Tom LaFehr (LTC)
2009 Kwok C. Chan (LTC)
2010 No award
2011 Chen-Bin Su, Wes Bauske and Zhiming Li (Parallel Data Systems, Inc. (PDS))
2012 Kurt M. Strack, Tilman Hanstein, Charles Stoyer and Horst Rüter (KMS Technologies)
2013 Don Robinson (Oklahoma Seismic and Resolve Geosciences)
2014 Matt Lamont and Troy Thompson (DownUnder GeoSolutions)
2015 Geoffrey Dorn (TerraSpark Geosciences, LLC)
2016 Yves Lamontagne (Lamontagne Geophysics Ltd.)
2017 Ian N. MacLeod (Geosoft)
2018 Daniel Herold (Parallel Geoscience Corporation)
2018 Robin Herold (Parallel Geoscience Corporation)
2018 Peter Flanagan (Parallel Geoscience Corporation)
2020 Gary Tubridy (Avalon Sciences Limited)

The Reginald Fessenden Award is given to a person who has made a specific technical contribution to exploration geophysics, such as an invention or a theoretical or conceptual advancement, which, in the opinion of the Honors and Awards Committee and the Board of Directors, merits special recognition.

1961 Beno Gutenberg (posthumous)
1961 Raoul Vajk
1965 W. Harry Mayne
1967 John M. Crawford
1967 William E. N. Doty
1967 Milford R. Lee
1969 Enders A. Robinson
1969 Sven Treitel
1971 R. A. Broding
1971 G. C. Summers
1971 C. B. Vogel
1972 W. D. Mounce
1973 Jon F. Claerbout
1974 Sam P. Worden
1975 Victor Vacquierv
1976 Leroy C. Paslay
1977 Norman H. Ricker
1978 J. W. Miller
1979 Peter Hubral
1980 R. H. Stolt
1981 Haines C. Hibbard

1982 E. V. McCollum
1983 Harold A. Sears
1984 Richard N. Jolly
1984 Franklyn K. Levin
1985 Ralph A. Harris
1986 T. R. Madden
1987 Byron L. Gariepy
1987 John H. Koonce
1989 Reinhard K. Bortfeld
1990 Vaino Ronka
1993 Leon Thomsen
1994 Donald W. Rockwell
1995 Derecke Palmer
1996 Luis L. Canales
1997 Jean P. Morlet
1998 Elmer Eisner
1998 Ben F. Giles
1998 E.R. (Harry) Harrison
1998 Donald L. Howlett
1998 Roy C. Johnston
1998 Robert J. Loofbourrow

1998 James Vanderford
1999 James E. Rickenbacker
1999 John J. Sallas
2000 Robert E. Howard
2001 (no recipient awarded this year)
2002 George C. Smith
2002 P.M. (Maurice) Gidlow
2003 Kurt-Martin Strack
2004 Biondo L. Biondi
2005 John P. Castagna
2005 Matthew L. Greenberg
2006 Dan Hampson
2007 Paul C. Sava
2008 Paul M. Krail
2008 Dwight V. Sukup
2009 Keeva Vozoff
2010 Samuel Gray
2010 Arthur Benjamin Weglein
2011 Norman Daniel Whitmore, Jr.
2012 Xianhuai Zhu
2012 Jie Zhang

2013 Dan Kosloff
2014 Claes Nicolai Borresen
2014 Rune Tenghamn
2014 Svein Vaage
2014 Yi Luo
2015 Heloise Bloxsom Lynn
2016 Steven Constable
2016 Gilles Lambaré
2016 Sheng Xu
2016 Bill Goodway
2017 Andrew Curtis
2018 John Burg
2018 Necati Gülünay
2019 Luis Alonso Gallardo
2019 Max A. Meju
2020 Felix Herrmann
2020 Charles Mosher
2020 Faqi Liu
2020 Laura J. Pyrak-Nolte
2020 Evert Slob

To honor the memory of Clarence Karcher and his enormous contribution to exploration geophysics, the J. Clarence Karcher Award is given in recognition of significant contributions to the science and technology of exploration geophysics by a young geophysicist of outstanding abilities who, in the unanimous opinion of the Honors and Awards Committee and the Board of Directors, merits such recognition. Recipients must be less than 35 years of age on November 1 of the year preceding presentation of the award. A maximum of three awards can be given each year.

1996 Maarten de Hoop
1996 David E. Lumley
1996 James W. Rector III
1997 Eric Verschuur
1997 Spyros K. Lazaratos
1997 Vladimir Grechka
1998 Tariq Ali Alkhalifah
1998 John E. Eastwood
1998 Jörg Schleicher
1999 Kenneth H. Matson
1999 Andreas Rüger
2000 Fernanda Araújo Gasparotto
2000 Tapan Mukerji
2000 Tamas Nemeth
2001 Sergey B. Fomel
2001 Muhammad M. Saggaf

2002 Rob W. Vestrum
2002 Oleg V. Mikhailov
2003 Edward Jenner
2004 Henning Kuehl
2004 Yu Zhang
2005 Mustafa Naser Al-Ali
2005 Andrey V. Bakulin
2005 Simon A. Shaw
2006 Kristopher A. Innanen
2007 Robert G. Clapp
2007 Antoine Guitton
2007 Matthew M. Haney
2008 Dirk-Jan van Manen 2009 Bogdan G. Nita
2009 Haiyan Zhang
2010 Deyan Draganov

2010 Jeffrey Shragge
2011 Dr. Mostafa Naghizadeh
2011 Ramesh (Neelsh) Neelamani
2011 Guojian Shan
2012 Jyoti Behura
2012 Pawan Dewangan
2012 Alison E. Malcolm
2013 David F. Halliday
2013 Sam T. Kaplan
2013 Gilles Hennenfent
2014 Ivan Pires de Vasconcelos
2014 Elliot Grunewald
2015 Joost van der Neut
2015 Yingcai Zheng
2015 Germán Rubino
2016 Dario Grana

2016 Nishank Saxena
2017 Tristan van Leeuwen
2017 Waruntorn (Jane) Kanitpanyacharoen
2017 Sjoerd Antonius Leonardus de Ridder
2018 Matteo Ravasi
2018 Yunyue Elita Li
2018 Tieyuan Zhu
2019 Xinding Fang
2019 Hejun Zhu
2020 Fangyu Li
2020 Siddharth Misra
2020 Xinming Wu

The Distinguished Achievement Award shall be given from time to time to a company, institution, or other organization for a specific technical contribution or contributions that have, in the unanimous opinion of the Honors and Awards Committee and the Board of Directors, substantially advanced the science of exploration geophysics.

1986 Geophysical Service Inc.
1986 Texas Instruments Inc.
1988 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1989 Geophysical Service Inc.
1991 Colorado School of Mines, Department of Geophysics
1994 DigiCOURSE Inc.
1995 Stanford University, Department of Geophysics
1997 Allied Geophysical Laboratories, University of Houston
1998 Western Geophysical
1999 Exxon Production Research Company
2000 Geophysics Laboratory of the University of Toronto
2001 Laboratory of Seismics and Acoustics, Delft University
2002 Kansas Geological Survey
2003 CREWES Project, University of Calgary
2004 Curtin University Reservoir Geophysics Consortium
2005 Robert Ballard's Institute for Exploration
2006 Compagnie Générale de Géophysique
2006 Geological Survey of Canada
2007 CSEM: Statoil Research Centre, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of Southampton, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company
2008 Shell Exploration and Production Company, WesternGeco, BP, BHP Billiton, Chevron, ExxonMobil

2009 GOCAD Consortium
2010 Amoco Research Center
2010 Brazilian Geophysical Society (SBGf)
2012 Edinburgh Anisotropy Project: British Geological Survey, Edinburgh University, CNPC Geophysical Key Laboratory (China University of Petroleum)
2013 Saudi Aramco's EXPEC ARC Geophysics Technology
2014 Colorado School of Mines Reservoir Characterization Project
2015 Applied and Environmental Geophysics Group
2016 OpendTect
2017 University of British Columbia Geophysical Inversion Facility (UBC-GIF)
2018 Bureau of Economic Geology
2019 Rock Solid Images
2020 Smart Exploration

Life Membership may be conferred on persons who have voluntarily rendered exceptionally meritorious service to the Society that, in the unanimous opinion of the Board of Directors, warrants recognition.

1954 William W. Butler
1954 O. F. Ritzmann
1968 Virgil Kauffman
1968 O. D. Waters Jr.
1973 Craig Ferris
1973 Frank Searcy
1975 Raoul Vajk
1978 Bettye Athanasiou
1979 Alfred J. Hermont
1980 Roy F. Bennett
1980 E. V. McCollum
1980 Hugh M. Thralls
1981 Ralph B. Ross
1981 Benjamin F. Rummerfield
1982 J. Frank Rollins
1983 Donald R. Brown
1983 Norman J. Christie
1983 Jack M. Proffitt
1983 W. B. Robinson
1984 David L. Yowell
1985 Anton W. Smit
1986 Harold J. Kidder
1986 William E. Laing
1987 Kenneth L. Cook
1988 Richard L. Fentem
1988 Elwin M. Peacock
1989 Edwin B. Neitzel
1989 Reginald G. Nelson
1989 Ben B. Thigpen
1990 Stanley B. Jones
1990 K. M. Lawrence
1991 Richard A. Baile
1991 Paul C. Wuenschel
1992 Meng Ersheng
1992 Richard E. Schneider
1994 Elmer Eisner
1994 Hugh W. Hardy
1995 Jack C. Weyand
1995 Paul Farren
1996 Valery Garipov
1996 Brian R. Spies
1996 Don W. Steeples
1997 Michael J. G. Cox
1997 J. Pat Lindsey
1997 Norman S. Neidell
1998 Zuchuan Chen
1998 Gary M. Hoover
1998 Nicolay A. Savostyanov
1998 Yoram Shoham
1999 Peter M. Duncan
1999 Kay Dautenhahn Wyatt
2000 Georgiy N. Gogonenkov
2000 Jean-Claude Grosset
2000 L.C. (Lee) Lawyer
2001 Joe A. Dellinger
2001 Joseph H. Rosenbaum

2002 John (Jack) G. Caldwell
2002 Richard W. Verm
2002 Samir Abdel Moaty
2003 Bob A. Hardage
2003 Gene W. Sparkman
2003 Simon Spitz
2004 Paul S. Cunningham
2004 David H. Johnston
2005 Ananda Gopal Pramanik
2005 Brian H. Russell
2005 Wenrong Xu
2006 William H. Dragoset
2006 Robert R. Stewart
2007 William L. Abriel
2007 James E. Gaiser
2008 Klaas Koster
2008 Susan Mastoris Peebler
2008 Gary G. Servos
2009 Maria Angela Capello
2009 Panos G. Kelamis
2009 Rosemary Knight
2009 David Monk
2009 Aldo Vesnaver
2010 Bradley A. Birkelo
2010 Steve Danbom
2010 Mary L. Fleming
2010 John R. Sumner
2011 Shivaji Dasgupta
2011 Joseph Michael Reilly
2012 John H. Bradford
2012 Frank D. Brown
2012 R. A. (Bob) Wyckoff
2013 M. Lee Bell
2013 Timothy B. Swearingen Berge
2013 Arthur C. H. Cheng
2013 Michael C. Forrest
2014 Louise Pellerin
2014 Yonghe Sun
2014 Richard D. Miller
2014 Bin Wang
2014 Ralph Michael Bridle
2015 Alfred Liang-Chi Liaw
2015 Terry K. Young
2016 Christine Krohn
2016 Edith J. Miller
2016 Misac Nabighian
2017 Anna C. Shaughnessy
2017 Alison Small
2017 Robert F. Talley
2017 Bangliu Zhao
2018 Huasheng Zheng
2018 Xianhuai Zhu
2019 Mike Graul
2020 Jie Zhang

SEG established Special Commendation for the purpose of recognizing and honoring deserving persons for meritorious services to the public, the scientific community, or to our profession. This award may be for recognized community leadership, professional leadership, or for contributions outside the main stream of geophysics which, in the unanimous opinion of the Honors and Awards Committee and the Board of Directors, warrant special recognition.

1980 J. Edward Snyder
1981 R. A. Frosch
1983 Stanley B. Jones
1990 Fritz Gassman
1991 Lawrence W. Funkhouser
1992 George C. McGhee
1992 Robert Shrock
1994 Özer Altan
1995 Albert W. Bally
1996 Wagner Freire
1996 Robert E. Sheriff
1997 M. E. (Shorty) Trostle
1997 Milo M. Backus
1997 Robert J. Graebner
1998 Fred Aminzadeh
1998 Alain Bamberger
1998 Jean Brac
1998 Alistair R. Brown
1998 Norman R. Burkhard
1998 Pierre Duclos
1998 Bob A. Hardage
1998 Timothy J. Kunz
1998 E. O. Nestvold
1998 Laurence Nicoletis
1998 Fabio L. Rocca
1998 Kay Dautenhahn Wyatt
1999 Carlos A. Diaz
1999 J. Derek Fairhead
1999 J. Michael Graul
2000 W. Scott Baldridge
2000 George R. Jiracek
2000 Stephen J. Hill
2000 Lu Bang-gan
2001 Horst Rüter
2002 Mahboub Al-Chalabi
2002 John W. Stockwell Jr.
2002 Jack K. Cohen

2002 Einar Kjartansson
2002 Joshua (Shuky) Ronen
2003 James Eduardo Jaramillo E.
2004 (no award recipients this year)
2005 Alf Klaveness
2006 L.C. (Lee) Lawyer
2006 Rhonda Boone
2006 Michael H.B. Golding
2006 Thomas K. Fulton
2006 D. Gene Womack
2007 Katharine Lee Avary
2007 Martha Lou Broussard
2007 Michael M. Deal
2007 Randi S. Martinsen
2007 Charles R. "Chuck" Noll
2007 Roger M. Slatt
2007 Mary Beth Hattaberg
2007 James V. White
2008 Richard (Dick) A. Baile
2009 (no award recipients this year)
2010 Jerry Freel
2011 (no award recipients this year)
2012 Cezar Iacob
2013 (no award recipients this year)
2014 SEG Advanced Modleing Corporation (SEAM)
2014 Rune Hagelund
2014 Stewart A. Levin
2014 Jill C. Lewis
2014 R. Randy Ray
2014 Bill Pearson
2016 Dennis Corrigan
2017 Julie E. Shemeta
2018 Maria Angela Capello
2019 Blair Benson Schneider
2020 Marianne Rauch

The Outstanding Educator Award honors individuals for excellence in geophysics education, and is awarded to a person who, in the unanimous opinion of the Honors and Awards Committee and the Board, merits such recognition, based on his or her educational qualities and contributions that may include:

  • Outstanding contributions in teaching of geophysics classes at any educational level;
  • Impact on education programs by commitment to excellence in geophysics education;
  • Special dedication to advising, supervising, and mentoring students;
  • Providing extraordinary inspiration to the next generation of geophysics professionals.

A maximum of two awards can be given each year.

2014 Susan Jane Webb
2015 Jie Zhang
2015 Manika Prasad
2016 Roel Snieder
2016 Estella Atekwana
2017 Rosemary Knight
2017 Scott Smithson
2018 Hendratta Ali
2018 Kristina Keating
2019 Laura Valentina Socco
2020 Shalivahan Shalivahan
2020 Ilya Tsvankin

Craig J. Beasley was the driving force behind the founding of Geoscientists Without Borders. In recognition of this contribution, the Craig J. Beasley Award for Social Contribution is given from time to time to a person or organization that, in the unanimous opinion of the Honors and Awards Committee and the Board of Directors, has made a meritorious achievement that supports the application of geophysics to a humanitarian, public service, or other socially significant cause.

2018 Paul D. Bauman
2020 James Clark

The Best Paper in Geophysics is selected by the Editor for consideration as a candidate for the award. Recognized minimum requirements are permanent interest, form and readability, and potential for the advancement of the geophysical profession.

1947 "The fundamental equations of electrical prospecting," R. Maillet

1949 "The direct approach to magnetic interpretation and its practical application," L. J. Peters

1950 "Fault interpretation from seismic data in southwest Texas," Miller Quarles Jr.

1951 "Seismic velocity as a function of depth and geologic time," L. Y. Faust

1952 "The significance of diffraction in the investigation of faults," T. Krey

1953 "The refraction arrival in water covered layers," C. B. Officer Jr.

1954 "Reflection quality a fourth dimension," B. F. Rummerfield

1955 "The synthesis of seismograms from well log data," R. A. Peterson, W. R. Fillippone, and F. B. Coker

1956 "Investigation of shear waves," R. N. Jolly

1957 "The Gulf seismic profile printer," E. M. Palmer

1958 "Directivity effect of elongated charges," A. W. Musgrave, G. W. Ehlert, and D. M. Nash Jr.

1959 "Water reverberations their nature and elimination," M. M. Backus

1960 "Continuous signal seismograph," J. M. Crawford, W. E. N. Doty, and M. R. Lee

1961 "Wave-front charts and three-dimensional migrations," A. W. Musgrave

1962 "Head waves from a bed of finite thickness," F. K. Levin and J. D. Ingram

1963 "Standard curves for interpretation of magnetic anomalies over long tabular bodies," S. Parker Gay Jr.

1964 "Principles of digital filtering," E. A. Robinson and Sven Treitel

1965 "Velocity and frequency filtering of seismic data using laser light," Milton B. Dobrin, Arthur L. Ingalls, and James A. Long

1966 "The development and use of a high-precision downhole gravity-meter," Lynn G. Howell, K. O. Heintz, and A. Barry

1967 "The digital processing of seismic data," Daniel Silverman

1968 "Deep crustal seismic reflections at near-vertical incidence," R. M. Clowes, E. R. Kanasewich, and G. L. Cumming

1969 "Predictive deconvolution†theory and practice," K. L. Peacock and Sven Treitel

1970 "Three-dimensional seismic modeling," Fred J. Hilterman

1971 "Seismic stratigraphic exploration†Parts I, II, & III," John D. Marr

1972 "Three-dimensional seismic method," G. G. Walton

1973 "Use of wavefront curvature to relate seismic data with subsurface parameters," Pravin M. Shah

1974 "Effect of water saturation on seismic reflectivity of sand reservoirs encased in shale," S. N. Domenico

1975 "Three-dimensional induced-polarization and electromagnetic modeling," Gerald W. Hohmann

1976 "Residual static analysis as a general linear inverse problem," Ralph A. Wiggins, Ken Larner, and Robert D. Wisecup

1977 "Peg-leg multiples and dipping reflectors," F. K. Levin and P. M. Shah

1978 "Mineral discrimination and removal of inductive coupling with multifrequency induced-polarization," W. H. Pelton, S. H. Ward, P. G. Hallof, W. R. Sill, and P. H. Nelson

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2019 “Simulation of wave propagation in linear thermoelastic media,” José M. Carcione, Zhi-Wei Wang, Wenchang Ling, Ettore Salusti, Jing Ba, and Li-Yun Fu

The Best Paper in The Leading Edge is selected by the Editorial Board for consideration as a candidate for the award. Recognized minimum requirements are permanent interest, form and readability, and potential for the advancement of the geophysical profession.

1999 "Recent advances in multicomponent processing," Xianhuai Zhu, Suat Altan, and Jianchao Li

2000 "Time-lapse seismic surveys in the North Sea and their business impact," Klaas Koster, Pieter W. Gabriels, Matthias Hartung, John Verbeek, and Rob Staples

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2017 "Operational deployment of compressive sensing systems for seismic data acquisition", Charles C. Mosher , Chengbo Li , Frank D. Janiszewski , Laurence S. Williams , Tiffany C. Carey , and Yongchang Ji

2018 “State of stress in the Permian Basin, Texas and New Mexico: Implications for induced seismicity,” Jens-Erik Lund Snee and Mark D. Zoback

2019 “Salt/sediment proximity to delineate salt boundaries using seismic while drilling in the Gulf of Mexico,” Jacob Bayer, Bryce Jensen, Yingping Li, Tianrun Chen, and Ken Matson

Awards are given for the best presentation of technical papers at the Annual Meeting each year.

1999 "Elastic impedance," Patrick Connolly

1999 "Improving seismic data for detailed structural interpretation," Jonny Hesthammer

2000 "Using legacy seismic data in an integrated time-lapse study: Lena Field, Gulf of Mexico," David H. Johnston, John E. Eastwood, Robert J. Vauthrin, Jung-Gi (Jane) Shyeh, and Larry R. Stanley

2001 "The next wave in reservoir monitoring: The instrumented oil field," Dr. David E. Lumley

2001 "Quantitative evaluation of the geotechnical risk associated with a stratigraphic trap
in the Neuquen Basin of Argentina," Jean-Pierre Blangy

2002 "Integrated seismic and subsurface characterization of Bonga Field, offshore Nigeria," Mark Chapin, Peter Swinburn, Raphic van Der Weiden, Dieter Skaloud, Sola Adesanya, David Stevens, Chris Varley and Jacob Wilkie

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2003 "Factors affecting frequency content in preSDM packaging," Ian F. Jones and Juergen K. Fruehn

2003 "Pushing the limits of resolution at Holstein: A case history from the deepwater Gulf of Mexico," Alexander S. Calvert, Eric J. Eksstrand, John T. Etgen, Frederick J. Billette, Vikramaditya Sen, Carl J. Regone, M. Mark Truxillo, Yannick Cobo, Bill McLain, Tomm Byrd and Scott Young

2004 "Predicting the economic impact of acquisition artifacts and noise," Richard T. Houck

2004 "Seismic challenges of developing the pre-Pliocene Akhen Field offshore Nile Delta," Robert F. Marten, Mark Shann, James E. Mika, Sondra Rothe, and Yan Quist

2004 "Seismic amplitudes from low gas saturation sands," John J. O'Brien

2005 "Structural interpretation of the deepwater Gunashli Field, facilitated by 4-C OBS seismic data," Dominic M. Manley, Sean F. Mohammed, Nigel D. Robinson and Rowland W. Thomas

2005 "4D time-lapse monitoring of Chirag Field," Nigel D. Robinson, Alan J. Ford, John M. Howie, Dominic M. Manley, Martin C. Riviere, Simon Stewart, and Rowland W. Thomas

2005 "Developing the long-term seismic strategy for Azeri-Chirag-Gunashli, South Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan," John M. Howie, Nigel D. Robinson, Martin C. Riviere, Thomas A. Lyon, and Dominic M. Manley

2006 "Application of spectral decomposition to detection of dispersion anomalies associated with gas saturation," Emeka Odebeatu, Jinghua Zhang, Mark Chapman, Enru Liu, and Xiang-Yang Li

2006 "Seismic interferometry—turning noise into signal," Andrew Curtis, Peter Gerstoft, Haruo Sato, Roelof Snieder, and Kees Waperaar

2006 "Marine electromagnetic methods—a new tool for offshore exploration," Steven Constable

2007 "Covenant Field: A major oil discovery in the Sevier Thrust belt of central Utah," Keith Johnson, Douglas K. Strickland, John P. Vrona, Dan Schelling, and Dave Wavrick

2009 "Digital rock physics: 3D imaging of core material and correlations to acoustic and flow properties," Mark Knackstedt, Shane Latham, Mahyar Madadi, Adrian Sheppard, Trong Varslot, and Christoph Arns

2009 "Observation and modeling of source effects in coda wave interferometry at Pavlof volcano," Matthew Haney, Kasper van Wijk, Leiph Preston, and David Aldridge

2011 "Resolution on multiples: Interpreters' perceptions, decision making, and multiple attenuation," Lee Hunt, R. Scott Reynolds, Mark Hadley, Scott Hadley, Ye Zheng, Mike Perz

2011 "Hydrogeological investigation for groundwater at the Dayspring Children's Village, South Africa," Susan Webb, David Ngobeni, Michael Jones, Tamiru Abiye, Nirocca Devkurran, Rachael Goba, Lewis Ashwal, Madeline Lee, Darren Burrows, Louise Pellerin

2012 "On some controversial issues in rock physics," Lev Vernik, Mark Kachanov

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The Best Paper in Interpretation is selected by the Editorial Board for consideration as a candidate for the award. Recognized minimum requirements are permanent interest, form and readability, and potential for the advancement of the geophysical profession.

2013 "Whither seismic stratigraphy?" Bruce S. Hart

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Awards are given for the best poster presentation of technical papers at the Annual Meeting each year.

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1994 "Uncertainties in depth imaging: A multitechnique approach on real data," Jean-Luc Piazza and Pascal Desegaulx

1994 "From prestack migration to migration to zero-offset," Alexander M. Popovici

1994 "The design of prestack migration-demigration operators," Luigi Zanzi and Claudio Bagaini

1995 "3-D AVO: Methods, effectiveness, reliability," Maurizio Cardamone

1996 "Seismic response to porosity and permeability variations at Priobskoye Field, western Siberia," Debra H. Phillips, Carl Sondergeld, Richard F. Sigal, Richard E. Larese, Eric S. Lewis, Peter R. Manoogian, Vladislav I. Kuznetzov, and Radiy K. Razyapov

1996 "3-D prestack Kirchhoff depth migration: From prototype production in a MPP environment," Herman Chang, Marcelo Solano, John P. VanDyke, George A. McMechan, and Duryodhan Epili

1997 "A refraction seismic field study to determine the anisotropic parameters of shales," Jennifer D. Cunningham, Donald C. Lawton, Jennifer M. Leslie

1997 "High resolution imaging in sub-horizontal well using a single well high frequency seismic system," Dominique Gehant, Jean Laurent, Patrick H. Meynier, Sylvain Serbutoviez

1997 "Velocity shift in heterogeneous media with anisotropic spatial correlation," Tapan Mukerji and Yann Samuelides

1998 "Symmetric Alford diagonalization," Joe A. Dellinger, Bertram J. Nolte, and John T. Etgen

1999 "Development of alternative interpretation models and discriminating between them using a borehole gravity survey and a walkaway checkshot survey," Terry G. Knighton, Stephen K. Western, Glenn Morton, Robert S. Fleming Jr., and Alan T. Herring

2001 "A detailed 3D seismic interpretation of a salt dome and its caprock, a case study in the northeastern Netherlands," Ed Duin

2001 "July/Ramadan: A 3D imaging project of 6 surveys," Frederic Billette and Jim Mika

2002 "Reinterpretation of the Sembakung oilfield, Kalimantan, Indonesia, utilizing modern 3D seismic data," Tony Edwards and Rick Walia

2003 "How much wind is enough?", Peter A. Crisi and Timothy J. Perrin

2004 "Longhorn: Depth migration and the birth, life, and death of a prospect in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico," Paul J. Singer, Jean-Marc Rodriguez, and John Wu

2005 "Solving an imaging problem in Kuwait Oil Company's Minagish field using single-sensor acquisition and processing," Jonathan Anderson, Andrew Smart, Ayman Shabrawi, Adel El-Emam and Ghassan Rached

2006 "Edge preserving filtering on 3D seismic data using complex wavelet transforms," Michael Jervis

2007 "Linear amplitude patterns in Corpus Christi Bay Frio Subbasin, South Texas: Artifacts or depositional features?," Hongliu Zeng, Robert Loucks, and Ursula Hammes

2007 "Applications of nonstationary regression," Sergey Fomel

2008 "Target oriented illumination analysis using wave equation," Gustavo Catao Alves, Andre Bulcao, Djalma Manoel Soares Filho, Carlos Eduardo Theodoro, Luiz A. Santos, and Marcos Gallotti Guimaraes

2009 "Spectrum decomposition technology based on physical wavelet transform and its application," Zhenyu Zhu, Wei Zhao, and Song Liang

2010 "Issues regarding the use of time-lapse seismic surveys to monitor CO2 sequestration," Grace Cairns, Helmut Jakubowicz, Lidia Lonergan, Ann Muggeridge

2011 "Hydrogeophysics and the settlement of San Marcos Pueblo, NM: Investigations by the SAGE," John Ferguson, Daniella Rempe, Anna Nowicki, Kate Tallaksen, Nathaniel Lindsey, Jason Chang, Louise Pellerin

2012 "Integrated geophysical archaeological prospection resulting in the discovery of the school of gladiators in the Roman town of Carnuntum in Austria," Wolfgang Neubauer, Michael Doneus, Immo Trinks, Erich Nau, Geert Verhoeven, Sirri Seren, Alois Hinterleitner, Klaus Löcker, Michael Pregesbauer, Timothy Saey, Philippe De Smedt, Marc Van Meirvenne, Matthias Kucera

2013 "Broadband processing with calm and rough seas: Observations from a North Sea survey," Sergio Grion, Ahmad Azmi, Jonathan Pollatos, R. Gareth Williams

2014 "Transforming prestack seismic data by Gardner continuation," Sergey Fomel

2015 “New concepts for lowering the cost of frequent seismic reservoir monitoring onshore,” Kees Hornman, Jorge Lopez, Albena Mateeva, Hans Potters

2016 “The pseudoanalytical space-time method: Pseudoanalytical accuracy with a convolutional Laplacian,” Michael Franco, Michael O'Brien, and Xiaolei Song

2017 "Coherence attribute applications on seismic data in various guises," Satinder Chopra and Kurt Marfurt

2018 “Flexible high-performance multiphysics waveform modeling on unstructured spectral-element meshes,” Michael Afanasiev, Christian Boehm, Martin van Driel, Lion Krischer, and Andreas Fichtner

2019 “Extending the AVO toolbox with rock physics driven inversion for seismic interpretation with little or no well control – Example from the Norwegian Sea,” Erling Hugo Jensen, Åsmund Drottning, and Mark Littman

Awards are given for the best presentation of technical papers by a student at the Annual Meeting each year.

1995 "3-D, 3-C seismic characterization of Joffre Field, Alberta, Canada," John F. Arestad

1996 "Morrow valley fill sandstone reservoir characterization with 3-D, 3-C reflection seismology," J. Edward Blott, Thomas L. Davis, and Robert D. Benson

1997 "Shear anisotropy observations at a deep monitor reservoir," Bruce W. Mattocks, Coauthors: Thomas L. Davis and Robert D. Benson

1998 "Separating aeromagnetic anomalies using wavelet matched filters," Thomas A. Ridsdill-Smith

1999 "Robust and stable velocity analysis using the Huber function," Antoine G. Guitton

2000 "A study of near-surface seasonal variability using Rayleigh wave dispersion," Kristen S. Beaty

2000 "Multi-modal investigation of geoscientific data—adding touch and sound to 3D visualization of surface-based data," Chris Harding

2001 "Two-phase flow in complex porous media using Lattice-Boltzmann method," Youngseuk Keehm

2002 "Pressure-transient experiments and the elastic characterization of fractures," Reynaldo Cardona, Erdal Ozkan and Michael Batzle

2003 "Joint stochastic inversion of prestack seismic data and well logs for high-resolution reservoir delineation and improved production forecast," Omar J. Varela

2004 "Hybrid optimization for a binary inverse problem," Richard A. Krahenbuhl

2005 "Automatic detection of UXO magnetic anomalies using extended Euler deconvolution," Kristofer J. Davis

2006 "3D magnetic inversion for total magnetization in areas with complicated remanence," Peter G. Lelievre, Coauthors: Douglas W. Oldenburg and Nigel Phillips

2007 "Waveform tomography of marine seismic data: What can limited offset offer?," Andrew J. Brenders

2008 "Velocity analysis with multiples - NMO modeling for layered velocity structures," Tristan van Leeuwen

2009 "Resolution function for controlled-source seismic interferometry: A data-driven diagnosis," Joost van der Neut

2010 "Role of contact heterogeneities on macroscopic elastic properties of granular media," Ratnanabha Sain

2011 "Long period, long duration seismic events during hydraulic fracture stimulation of a shale gas reservoir," Indrajit Das

2012 "A new velocity-pressure-compaction model for uncemented sediments," Matthew Saul

2013 "Application of seismic boundary-preserving constrained inversion for delineating reservoir body," Tieyuan Zhu

2014 "An approximate inverse to the extended born modeling operator," Jie Hou

2015 “Comparison and improvement of laboratory SIP and NMR models of permeability,” Gordon Osterman

2016 “Robust and flexible mixed-norm inversion,” Dominique Fournier

2017 "Removing numerical dispersion artifacts from reverse time migration and full-waveform inversion", Erik Koene

2018 “Q-interface imaging based on data-domain attenuation estimation,” Bei Li

2019 “Waveform inversion by model reduction using spline interpolation,” Guillaume Barnier

1996 "Electromagnetic coupling removal from frequency domain IP data in 2D environments," Partha S. Routh and Douglas W. Oldenburg

1997 "The transition zone between effective medium theory and ray theory for the propagation of electromagnetic waves,"
Christina Y. Chan

1998 "Improving seismic resolution with nonstationary deconvolution," Alana R. Schoepp, Coauthor: Gary Margrave

1998 "Focusing of inversion images," Oleg N. Portniaguine, Coauthor: Michael S. Zhdanov

1999 "Multi-configuration ground penetrating radar data," Jean-Paul Van Gestel

1999 "Wave-equation migration velocity analysis," Paul Constantin Sava

2000 "Approximate reflection coefficients of P-S waves in anisotropic media," Petr Jilek

2000 "Filter bank deconvolution of seismic data with application to compression and denoising," Laurent Duval

2001 "Amplitude-preserved common image gathers by wave-equation migration," Paul Sava

2001 "Shear-wave velocity dependence on fluid saturation," Reynaldo Cardona

2001 "Optimization of the shape of Gaussian beams," Karel Zacek

2002 "Analysis of high resolution aeromagnetic anomalies from the south-central Alberta Foothills, Canada," Christian Abaco, Don Lawton and Deborak Spratt

2003 "Noncontacting ultrasonics for visualizing and exploiting multiple scattering," Alison E. Malcolm

2003 "3D refraction migration for depth imaging of West Africa salt walls," Connie J. VanSchuyver

2004 "Wavefield extrapolation in Riemannian coordinates," Paul C. Sava

2005 "Multicomponent georadar imaging that corrects for total-field radiation," Rita Streich

2006 "Geomechanical modeling as a reservoir characterization tool at Rulison Field, Piceance Basin, Colorado," Shannon M. Higgins, Coauthors: Thomas L. Davis and Tom Bratton

2007 "Investigating active deepwater sedimentation near a gas-hydrate system with high-resolution seismic data," Pete A. Christianson

2008 "Iterative reconstruction algorithm for nonlinear operators," Robert A. Eso

2009 "Sandstone petrofacies prediction to characterize permeability for Postle Field, Oklahoma," Crucelis López

2010 "Stochastic simulation of fault networks from 2D seismic lines," Nicolas Cherpeau

2011 "Seismic characterization of the Woodford shale in the Anadarko basin," Nabanita Gupta, Coauthors: Supratik Sarkar and Kurt Marfurt

2011 "Sensitivity analysis of time-lapse images obtained by differential waveform inversion with respect to reference model," Amir Asnaashari, Coauthors: Romain Brossier, Stephane Garambois, Jean Virieux, Francois Audebert, and Pierre Thore

2012 "Adaptive sampling of potential-field data: A direct approach to compressive inversion," Nathan Leon Foks

2013 "Investigating the potential of using conductive or permeable proppant particles for hydraulic fracture characterization," Lindsey Heagy

2014 "Seismoelectric interface response signal behaviour in thin-bed geological settings," Niels Grobbe

2015 “3D GPR characterization of sandy mouth bars in an outcrop reservoir analog: Cretaceous Ferron sandstone, southeast Utah,” Azie Aziz

2016 “Application of fuzzy C-means clustering to discrete-valued inversion of gravity gradient data,” Elizabeth Maag

2017 "Diffraction-based migration velocity analysis using double-path summation", Dmitrii Merzlikin

2018 “Accurate estimates of simultaneous seismic velocity changes and interfracture-source distances from coda wave interferometry,” Jonathan Singh

2019 “Data weighted full-waveform inversion with adaptive moment estimation for near-surface seismic refraction data,” Ao Cai

1995 "Identifying noise in seismic data from the Gippsland Basin (Australia)," Jarrod C. Dunne

1996 “Determination of basement depth and Paleozoic thickness using an integrated geophysical approach in the northern Arabian platform, eastern Syria,” Graham E. Brew

1997 "A refraction seismic field study to determine the anisotropic parameters of shales,” Jennifer M. Leslie

1998 "Comparison of imaging in anisotropic media using P-wave and S-wave data,” M. Graziella Kirtland-Grech

1999 "Analysis of seismic wave dynamics by means of integral presentation and method of discontinuities,” Anton A. Duchkov

2000 "Combined vertical-incidence and wide-angle seismic study of deepwater bright spot reflections,” Christian Müller

2002 "A preliminary study of salt flank illumination at Vinton Dome, Louisiana: Do we need lateral wavefield continuation?” Cory J. Hoelting

2003 "Passive seismic imaging in the presence of white noise sources: Numerical simulations,” Deyan S. Draganov

2004 "Effects of porestructure on sonic velocity in carbonates,” Ralf J. Weger

2005 "Plane-wave attenuation anisotropy in orthorhombic media,” Yaping Zhu

2006 "Scattering regimes and the influence of heterogeneity on the seismic detection of mineral exploration targets,” Elizabeth L’Heureux

2007 "Suppression of ambient seismic noise in 2D arrays using multichannel Wiener filter,” Jingbo Wang

2008 "Adaptive F-X interpolation of curved seismic events via exponentially weighted recursive least squares (EWRLS)," Mostafa Naghizadeh

2009 "Extrapolation of log properties by integrating fuzzy self-organizing maps and local linear modeling," Mehdi Eftekhari Far

2010 "Comprehensive petro-elastic modeling aimed at quantitative seismic reservoir characterization and monitoring," Alireza Shahin

2011 "Comparison of methods for modeling phase variation with angle," Xinfa Zhu, Coauthor: George McMechan

2012 "A comparison of 5D reconstruction methods," Aaron Stanton

2013 "Comparison of seismic diffraction imaging techniques: Plane wave destruction versus apex destruction," Luke Decker

2014 "Monitoring hydraulic fracturing using distributed acoustic sensing in a treatment well," Sudhish Kumar Bakku

2015 “Full-waveform inversion with sparsity constraint in seislet domain,” Zhiguang Xue

2016 “Multicomponent distributed acoustic sensing,” Ivan Lim Chen Ning

2017 "Semiautomatic seismic well ties and log data interpolation", Sean Bader

2018 “Amplitude variation with offset (AVO) inversion modeling with a local elastic solver,” Elena Jaimes

2019 “Seismic impedance inversion based on cycle-consistent generative adversarial network,” Yuqing Wang

1996 "Electromagnetic coupling removal from frequency domain IP data in 2D environments", Partha S. Routh and Douglas W. Oldenburg

1997 "The transition zone between effective medium theory and ray theory for the propagation of electromagnetic waves,"Christina Y. Chan

1998 "Land vertical cable acquisition and anlysis: Results from the Blackfoot high-resolution 3-C seismic survey," Jitendra S. Gulati

Coauthors: Robert R. Stewart, Brian H. Hoffe, and Henry C. Bland

1999 "AVO analysis for converted waves," Katiusca del Valle Álvarez

2000 (No award given this year)

2001 (No award given this year)

2002 "The kernel trick: using linear algorithms to solve nonlinear geophysical problems," Heidi Kuzma

2003 "Propagator inversion for shallow structure," Robbert Van Vossen

2003 "Using seismic attributes as a QC for velocity model building—Vinton Dome, Louisiana," Warren S. Duncan

2004 "Non-stretch stacking in the tau-p domain: Exploiting long-offset arrivals for sub-basalt imaging," Hassan Masoomzadeh

2005 "Mapping geology and structure using multispectral and hyperspectral data and evaluating topographic correction methods: Case study, Salmon River Mountains of east-central Idaho," Yardenia Martinez, Schuhab Khan, Paul Link, and Nancy Glenn

2006 "Application of 3D electrical resistivity imaging in an underground potash mine," Robert A. Eso, Coauthors: Douglas W. Oldenburg and Nigel Phillips

2007 "Investigation of core data reliability to support time-lapse interpretation in Campos Basin, Brazil," Marcos Grochau

2008 "Visualizing spectral decomposition using the view locked color image grand tour," Bradley C. Wallet

2009 "Archaeological investigation of the Court Kiva in Chaco Canyon using geophysical methods," Cericia Martinez

2010 "Separation of blended data by iterative estimation and subtraction of interference noise," Panagiotis Doulgeris

2011 "Lowrank finite-differences for wave extrapolation," Xiaolei Song, Coauthors: Sergey Fomel, Lexing Ying, and Tian Ding

2012 "Enhanced dispersion analysis of borehole array sonic measurements with amplitude and phase estimation method," Wei Li

2013 "Automatic boundary detection using potential-field data," Leon Foks

2014 "Modified anelliptic approximations for qP velocities in transversely isotropic media," Yanadet Sripanich

2015 “Accelerating extended least-squares migration with weighted conjugate gradient iteration,” Jie Hou

2016 “Geophysical investigations of the Espanola basin, Rio Grande rift, northern New Mexico,” Christopher Harper

2016 “Gradient computation for VTI acoustic wavefield tomography,” Vladimir Li

2017 "Automatic noise exploration in urban areas," Fantine Huot

2018 “Jump-starting neural network training for seismic problems,” Fantine Huot

2019 “An efficient wavefield inversion for isotropic elastic media,” Chao Song

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