Geophysical investigations in the polluted mining area of Zlatna, Romania

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Pollution Mitigation Projects

After 40 years of aggressive mining and ore processing, the administrative area of Zlatna was declared "the most polluted area in Europe" during the 90s.

Romania ranks tenth in the world in terms of the diversity of minerals produced in the country.

This project used near-surface geophysical and geochemical investigations as a tool to offer a humanitarian service to the local communities in the polluted area of the Ampoi Valley, Romania. The geophysical and geochemical investigations mapped the soil and phreatic aquifers for quality and degree of contamination.

Status Complete

Statement of Work

Due in large part to the surveys conducted during this project, Metes was able to secure EU Structural funds to bring potable water into the Ampoi Valley.

At the request of the mayor of Metes, the project team conducted local community short courses explaining the effects of soil pollution on plants, animals, and humans.

More than 40 students participated in this project, applying theoretical approaches to real-world situations.

Community members used the data and re-sited infrastructure facilities. Metes applied for and received EU funds to bring an alternate potable water source into the Valley.

Principal Investigator

Dr Ionelia Panea, University of Bucharest  

Team members

University of Bucharest – Professor Victor Moncanu, Professor Corneliu DInu; Dr Jianu Denisa; Iacob Cezar, Orza Razvan, Furnica Mihai
University of Petrosani
University of Cluj-Napoca
Belgrade University
Romanian Society of Geophysics – Professor Paul Georgescu
Propecituni SA – Mr Gehirg Schultz
Municipality of Metes, Romania

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