Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Building Resiliency to Tsunami Hazards by training Indonesian Geoscientists and Local Communities

Geoscientists Without Borders
Tsunami Preparedness Projects

The goal of this project is to help fill this gap between what science can demonstrate is an area at high risk and the level of readiness of those in the area.

Many coastal communities inhabit areas inundated by past tsunamis. However, most of the people in these areas, including disaster mitigation agencies, do not know they are at risk of recurring tsunamis. This risk is increasing in Indonesia due mostly to exponential population growth and urbanization in vulnerable coastal regions, and lack of tsunami hazards awareness. Resilience to natural hazards is to learn from the past and improve future protection by education and implementing risk reduction strategies.

Status In Progress

Statement of Work

This project will apply a multidisciplinary approach that integrates data from the following tasks: (1) survey for and analyze tsunami deposits for past run up heights, (2) combine these data with historical accounts to construct numerical models of past and potential tsunami events, (3) use these models to develop tsunami inundation maps needed for education and evacuation drills, (4) assist local educators and leaders to inform those in harm’s way about past tsunami events and how to respond to future tsunami hazards, (5) involve the community (especially women and youth) in ground-checking tsunami inundation maps, (6) assist local communities with creating evacuation signs and maximum tsunami run-up monuments for past events, and (7) assist local leaders with tsunami evacuation drills.

Principal Investigator

Professor Ron Harris, Brigham Young University  
In Harm's Way


Team members

Brigham Young University: Dr.  Whitehead and selected graduate students
Utah Valley University: Dr. Horns
Universitas Pembangunan Nasional: C. Prasetyadi, N. Roosmawati, and selected students
APMD Indonesian Institute of Community Development: L. Angeningsih
BPBD – Indonesian Government Disaster Mitigation Agency: J. Fretha
Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia  Indonesian Institute of Science: E. Yulianto


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