Development of Fresh Groundwater Use in Douala, Cameroon

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The major goal of the present study is to characterize the sedimentary basin in Douala by using two geophysical techniques – time domain electromagnetic sounding (TDEM) and magnetic resonance sounding (MRS) for better understanding of aquifer systems, which may provide a solution for developing fresh and clean groundwater resources in the region.

Douala is the economic capital of Cameroon with a population of about 2 million. In 2004, Cameroon experienced a large cholera outbreak with over 8000 reported cases in the Littoral and West regions. According to the WHO (2012), the outbreak started in Bepanda in the northwest of Douala and spread rapidly to the entire city of Douala. Repeated epidemics continued to occur in Douala especially between 2009 and 2012. Contaminated groundwater is the major source of cholera disease in Douala as residents use groundwater for drinking and daily activities. It is observed that the leachate from household sewage system contaminates shallow groundwater in a local well, of which water depth is around 5-10 m.

Status In Progress

Statement of Work

Principal Investigator

Professor Jejung Lee - University of Missouri-Kansas City  

Co-Principal Investigators

Dr. Guillaume Favreau (HydroSciences Montpellier) and Dr. Marie Boucher (LTHE Grenoble) - Research Institute for Development, France
Dr. Benjamin Ngounou Ngatcha - Univ of Ngaoundere Cameroon
Dr. Ibrahim Goni - Univ Maiduguri Nigeria

Team members

Selected students


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