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Software Grant - Schlumberger Petrel available

The Schlumberger Worldwide University Software Program offers commercial software developed by Schlumberger Information Solutions to select colleges and universities at no cost. Typically, the program provides three-year, renewable licenses, software maintenance, and technical support. Universities can use the software to instruct students as part of a course curriculum or conduct academic research. The software is not intended for commercial use by the university. Should the university wish to acquire the software licenses solely for use by the Geoscientists Without Borders® project team, then the software will be issued for one year non-renewable covering the anticipated period of the project; if the project requires other Schlumberger software packages, we will assess the needs with the university and issue the appropriate modules under same agreement.

Anyone interested in applying for a Schlumberger software grant should contact Najib Abusalbi ( ).

Patriot Act Requirements

All grant recipients outside of the United States must sign ad notarize an affidavit specifying that the funds will not be utilized to support or engage in terrorism or for any purpose other than those stated. This is a requirement of U.S. law that the SEG Foundation must uphold.

Patriot Act Requirements (DOC)

Grant Agreements

All grant recipients will be required to sign a Grant Agreement. Required Liability Coverage Certification/Waiver will be included in the Grant Agreement. Neither the SEG nor the SEG Foundation will be held responsible for liability related to an approved project.

Sample waiver (DOC)

The Agreement will define the project by reference to a Project Plan to be attached to the Agreement, which should include a timeline and other specifics.  Requirements to be imposed on grantees by the Grant Agreement will include the grantee's acknowledgement of its exempt status, assurance of the grantee's ability to manage the project, the grantee's agreement not to engage in activities with granted funds that will jeopardize the exempt status of SEG, the grantee's agreement to manage the project consistently, and in keeping with best practices, segregation of granted funds, regular written reporting by the grantee to SEG, right of SEG to inspect books and records, to review the project and to receive return of funds if the project is not completed, is mishandled, or if funds remain after the project has been completed, the grantee's obligation to obtain insurance that protects SEG against liability for accidents, injuries, and collateral damages, and to obtain liability waivers from students and other project participants, and other provisions.

The form of the Agreement will be approximately 10 to 20 pages in length. The Grant Agreement will not include provisions for equipment acquisition, ownership, maintenance, storage when not in use or after the project or disposition. Equipment Agreements covering these issues may be required in certain cases.

Photo Submission Guidelines

We invite all project members (students and faculty) to submit a collection of images for publication in various SEG and Geoscientists Without Borders® communications, including but not limited to, newsletters (print and electronic), website, and magazine articles.

Download photo submission guidelines (PDF)

Reporting Guidelines

Periodically (twice per year), the Foundation requires an update on GWB projects.

Download reporting guidelines (PDF)


SEG is committed to the health, safety and security of our members, employees, customers, communities and work sites, and to preventing damage to the environment through society activities.

Download SEG HSSE policy (PDF)

Geoscientists Without Borders is not affiliated with Doctors Without Borders, which is a registered trademark of Bureau International de Médecins Sans Frontières


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