Foundation Committees

The important work of the SEG Foundation is carried out through the leadership of several committees. These committees include five standing committees (to provide business guidance and to ensure our financial well being) and Foundation Board Liaisons committee (to carry forward the mission of the SEG Foundation and to ensure that programs function effectively, while honoring our donors' intentions).

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Executive Committee 

Michael G. Loudin, Chair 
Anna C. Shaughnessy, Vice Chair 
Pete W. Cramer, Treasurer 
Katie Burk, Staff Liaison

Audit Committee

Zhaobo (Joe) Meng, Chair
David C. Bartel
Raymond C. Farrell
Derek Williamson, Staff Liaison

Development Committee

David C. Bartel, Chair
Julie K. Hardie, Co-chair
Craig J. Beasley
Arthur Cheng
Maitri Erwin
Michael C. Forrest
John A. Lambuth
Michael G. Loudin (SEGF non-voting member)
Katie Burk, Staff Liaison

Finance & Investment Committee

Pete W. Cramer, Chair
Maitri Erwin
Michael C. Forrest
Julie K. Hardie
Mark S. Leonard
Robert F. Talley
Michael G. Loudin (SEGF non-voting member)
Lee Bell (SEG non-voting member)
Derek Williamson, Staff Liaison

Nominating Committee

Gretchen M. Gillis, Chair
Alex Biholar
Pete W. Cramer
Michael G. Loudin (SEGF non-voting member)
Katie Burk, Staff Liaison

Foundation Board Liaisons to SEG Programs

DISC – Gretchen M. Gillis
Distinguished Lecture – Arthur Cheng
EPIC – Maitri Erwin
EVOLVE – Michael C. Forrest and Alex Biholar
Field Camps – Julie K. Hardie
GWB – Craig J. Beasley and Michael C. Forrest
Scholarships – Zhaobo (Joe) Meng
Travel Grants – David C. Bartel
Wiki – Gretchen M. Gillis

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Tulsa, OK 74137
Phone: 918-497-5500
Email: [email protected]

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