Trustee Associates

SEG Foundation Trustee Associates (TAs) directly contribute to the success of our many important programs; through both financial support and outstanding leadership in SEG’s philanthropic activities.

Donate to the SEG Foundation

SEG Foundation

When you give to the SEG Foundation, you support the future of your profession and invest in your own career.

Your gifts of time, talent, and financial resources lay the foundation of success for the worldwide geoscience community. TAs open the door to future geophysical careers for talented young people while advancing the profession for practicing geophysicists today. When you give back as a Trustee Associate, you know that your gift is supporting the important work and crucial programs of the SEG, including scholarships, field camp grants, Geoscientists Without Borders®, professional development and continuing education opportunities, and SEG online benefits.

Trustee Associates demonstrate their commitment to advance the Society as well as the profession of geophysics by making an unrestricted contribution of $10,000 or more to the SEG Foundation. Your contribution supports programs designed to serve all SEG members including students, young professionals and seasoned professions; including the general public. Benefits of becoming a TA include professional and personal networking through exclusive opportunities to engage with other Trustee Associates and leading industry experts. The Trustee Associates below are recognized by their cumulative giving to the SEG Foundation. Join us today! 

$1,000,000 and Up

Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor

$500,000 to $999,999

Debra and Mark Gregg/KiwiEnergy

$250,000 to $499,999

Rutt Bridges
Hank Hamilton
Robert* and Margaret Sheriff
Charles and Jean Smith, Jr.
The Worthington Charitable Trust (David Worthington)

$100,000 to $249,999

Richard A. and Fran* Baile
Craig and Betsy Beasley
Arthur Cheng
L. Decker Dawson
Richard Degner
Michael C. Forrest
Donald W. and Nancy* Frye
Fred and Kathi Hilterman

Thomas R. LaFehr
Bill* and Debbie Mitcham
Scott Petty, Jr. and The Petty Foundation
Alexander Mihai and Catherine Ann Popovici
Gary and Lorene Servos
Jeff and Amie Springmeyer

$50,000 to $99,999

Mike and Donna Bahorich
William (Bill) Barkhouse
David and Rebecca Bartel
Rodney Cottrell
Larry and Connie Galloway
Tom and Carolyn Hamilton
Jeff Hume and Cindy Berlier
Richard and Shirley Hunt
Lee and B.J.* Lawyer
David Lumley
Jesse and Cathy Marion

James L. and Arlene H. Payne
James D. and Stella M. Robertson
Don and Virginia Robinson
Rocky and Leisa Roden
John W. C. Sherwood
Martin and Arlyn Shields
Kurt-Martin Strack
Leon and Pat Thomsen
Jack and Catherine Threet
Cung Vu
Marta Weeks Wulf

$25,000 to $49,999

James L. Allen
Glenn and Lorie Bear
John F. Bookout, Jr
James and Patty DiSiena
Mike and Susan Graul
Claire and Joe Greenberg
James* and Ruth Harrison
Prentiss C. and Dolores M. Havens Family Foundation

Ian G. Jack
David Lammlein
Mark and Kim Leonard
Mike and Bonnie Loudin
Robert and Sidge Peacock
Brian and Elaine Russell
Martin Stupel and Catherine Lappe
D. Wayne Turner

$10,000 to $24,999

William and Evangeline Abriel
Dave and Roshan Agarwal
Fred Aminzadeh
Timothy and Victoria Berge
Richard S. Bishop
Ronald and Mary Bracken
Scott and Rachel Brannan
Jim and Kelly Brothers
Alistair and Mary Brown
Frank D. Brown
Matt Brzostowski
Lisa Buckner
John Castagna
Richard C. Cooper
Robert and Lois Corbin
Pete and Terri Cramer
T. Norman and Ruby Crook
Steve Crowell
Barry* and Lee Davies
Steven H. Davis
David C. DeMartini
Rocco and Julie Detomo
Peter and Kathy Duncan
Michael Dunn
Kim & Karen El-Tawil
Raymond Farrell
Paul M. Ferguson
Mary L. Fleming
Floyd F. Foster
Jim and Sherree Funk
Larry Funkhouser
James A. Gibbs
John and Elizabeth Gibson
Gretchen M. Gillis
Allen L. Gilmer
Robert and Esther Graebner
Carlos Guzman
Martin E. Hansen
Driscoll A. Henkhaus
Marvin* and Jene Hewitt
Robert and Michelle Hobbs
Fred and Sandra Hoffman
Albert Hrubetz
Rhonda and John Jacobs
Gary E. Jones
Bill Kamps
Scott King
Klaas and Gail Koster
Fritz P. Kronberger
Ken and Nancy Larner
Zhiming Li

Alfred and Julie Liaw
James L. McNett
Zhaobo and Lihua Meng
Vicki Messer
Edith J. Miller
Paul C. Mitcham
Nick and Elena Moldoveanu
Mike Mueller
Robert and Penny Neese
Rachel Newrick
Stuart Obkirchner
Michael and Dana Padgett
Naide Pan
Peter Pangman
John and Donna Parrish
Mark A. Patterson
Don Paul
Robin Pearson
William and Linda Pearson
Robert Peebler
Susan Peebler
Chuck Peng
Henry and Rosario Pettingill
Roger L. Reagan
Magne and Marianne Reiersgard
Dominique Robert
Kayleen Robinson
Simon Robinson and Lia Mills
Hugh E. Rowlett, Jr
Jim Ryan
Karl and Carol Schleicher
Paul Schlirf
Richard and Barbara Schneider
Michael and Lynn Schoenberger
Mike Seidner
Anna and Daniel Shaughnessy
Ernie and Donna Siraki
Damir Skerl
Alison Weir Small
C. David Smith
Gene and Carlene Sparkman
George Steel
John Sumner
Robert and Vivian Talley
Michael P. Thornton
Ian and Nancy Threadgold
Kenneth M. Tubman
Richard and Nancy White
Jie Zhang
Sally G. Zinke
The Zonge Family Trust


Honorary Members

Ronald G. Antonation
Ralph W. Baird
Douglas D. Barman
Brad and Roz Birkelo
John W. Bissell
John E. Bobbitt
Glenn R. Breed
Albert (Al) P. Brown
John R. Butler, Jr.
Lawrence J. Cernosek
Richard D. Chimblo
Roy E. Clark, Jr.
Lucius R. Corbett
Neal P. Cramer, Sr.
Steve and Susan Danbom
Charles W. Dick
Charles E. Edwards
Richard V. Edwards, Jr.
Theodore D. Einarsson
Jon A. Ferris
James H. Frasher
William S. French
Richard J. Gardner
Pierre L. Goupillaud
Gordon M. Greve
James K. Grigsby
E. J. Grivetti
Ernest M. Hall, Jr.
Kathleen Hogenson
Gary M. Hoover
Paul S. Horvath

Alan R. Huffman
David* and Helen Jewell, Jr.
John D. Laker
B. L. Langston
Walter S. Lynn
Wulf F. Massell
Red McCombs
Dolan K. McDaniel
Raymond H. Mendez
Richard and Christine Miles
Lee Miller
David and Lorraine Monk
P. Dennis O'Brien
George E. Parker
Robert H. Peacock
Walter D. Pharris
Jeff Rayner
Louis I. Schneider, Jr.
William A. Schneider
Victor M. Shainock
C. O. Smith
Daniel L. Smith
Jackie D. Stewart
John W. Stockwell, Jr
Yonghe and Grace Sun
Ben B. Thigpen
Peyton Weems
David Wegner
Margaret M. Welch
Courtenay White
Michael Wisda
Kay D. Wyatt
Robert A. Wyckoff
Terry and Nadine Young
Jin Zhou


Richard C. Anderson*
Orval R. Brannan*
Eugene R. Brumbaugh*
James B. Coffman*
M. Howard Dingman, Jr.*
Norman and Shirley Domenico*
Sam and Phyllis Evans*
Henry L. Grant*
Cecil H. Green*
Theodore S. Green*
Earl and Reba Griffin*
Jack H. Hamilton*
Frans H. and Alice B. Hammons*
Gerald W. Hohmann* Trust
David S. Holland*
Stanley B. Jones*
James B. Jordan*
Alf Klaveness*
Benegene Kring*
Jack A. Kruppenbach*
Dorothy LaCoste*
Wm. E. Laing*
Bill Langley*
David S. Holland*
Stanley B. Jones*
James B. Jordan*

Alf Klaveness*
Benegene Kring*
Jack A. Kruppenbach*
Dorothy LaCoste*
Wm. E. Laing*
Billy F. Mitcham, Sr*
Russell D. Nash*
Edwin B. Neitzel*
E. J. Northwood*
Red Olander*
Elwin Peacock*
C. Gerald Pickering*
Joseph G. Putman III*
William E. Richardson*
Booth B. Strange*
James R. Strawn*
Aubra E. Tilley*
Maurice E. Trostle*
H. A. Wakefield*
Stanley H. and Shirley A. Ward* Trust
Charles Weiner*
Jack C. Weyand*
Frank Wipff*
Kenneth and Kim Zonge*


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