Program (Designated) Donations

The following donors have thoughtfully made a direct gift to a specific SEG supported program in 2016.

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SEG Foundation

When you give to the SEG Foundation, you support the future of your profession and invest in your own career.

Recognition list as of 31 December 2016

Kamal Al-Yahya
William Arnold
Vijay Arya
Richard and Fran* Baile
Roger Baker
Albert W. Bally
William (Bill) Barkhouse
Miles and Kim Barrett
David and Rebecca Bartel
Lewis C. Bartel
Glenn and Lorie Bear
Craig and Betsy Beasley
Bruce and Susan Bernard
Deepak and Madhu Bhatnagar
Barbara D. Bohn
Marc Bond
Michael Bourque
John and Donnell Bradford
George P. Brady, Jr
Lawrence Braile
Drew Brenders
Leslie and Valerian Brock
Jim Sam and Margie Camp
Gustavo Carstens
Mark Cartwright
Carolyn Chandler
Christine Chavez
Arthur Cheng
Karen R. Christopherson
Scott Cook
Sarah Cooke
Bob Corbin
Andreas Cordsen
Raul Cova
George Coyle
Pete and Terri Cramer
Steven Crews
Norman and Ruby Crook
Steve Crowell
Steve and Susan Danbom
Henry C. Dean
Bryan C. Delph
David C. DeMartini
Rocco and Julie Detomo
Marlan W. Downey
Malgorzata Drwila
Rhonda Duey
Frank Dumanoir
Peter and Kathy Duncan
Michael Dunn
David Eickhoff
Erik Finnstrom
Paul A. Fisher
James E. Fore
Michael Forrest
J. David Frantz
Donald Frederick
Bill Freitag
Jim Funk
Larry Funkhouser
Mike Galbraith
Paul Garber
Eric Gardner
Neel and Frances Garland
Paul S. Gary III
Laurie A. Geiger
Rosemarie T. Geetan
James A. Gibbs
Gretchen M. Gillis
Allen Gilmer
Joseph Gittelman
Jared Gottlieb
Hank Hamilton
Tom Hamilton
John and Julie Hardie
Woody Hardman
Harold Harper
Janet C. Harrell
Werner M. Heigl
Randall E. Hendrix
Donald A. Herron
Fred and Kathi Hilterman
Paula Hix
Fred and Sandra Hoffman
Doug Holmes
Bob and Helen Howard
Al Hrubetz
Jeff Hume and Cindy Berlier
David Johnston
Bill Kiel
Paulina Kotlarek
Betty J. Laas
John Lane
Byrd Larberg
Lee Lawyer
Mark and Kim Leonard
Alfred and Julie Liaw
Jack E. Little
Mike Loudin
Pierre Marechal
Michael D. McCormack
Robert Merrill
Alek Miller
Paul C. Mitcham
David and Lorraine Monk
Ron Nickle
Gerald O'Brien
Jim O'Connell
Oluwatobi Olorunsola
Francisco Paiva
Gregg Parker
Herminio Passalacqua
Jim Payne
Elwin* and Jane Peacock
Robert and Sidge Peacock
John W. Peirce
Louise Pellerin
Chuck Peng
Toby Perry
Henry and Rosario Pettingill
Edward B. Picou Jr
Ronnie Pike
Manika Prasad
Jeffrey M. Rayner
Magne and Marianne Reiersgard
Dale T. Reitz
Frank H. Richardson
James D. and Stella M. Robertson
Dawn D. Rockas
Rocky Roden
Aurelian Roeser
Brian and Elaine Russell
Patrick Rutty
Juani Sabbione
Mauricio Sacchi
Patricia A. Santogrossi
Allan Scardina
Paul Schatz
Blair B. Schneider
Mike and Lynn Schoenberger
Anna and Daniel Shaughnessy
Julie Shemeta
Robert* and Margaret Sheriff
John W. C. Sherwood
Martin and Arlyn Shields
Antonio Sierra
Eldon Sims
Steven Sloan
Adrian Smith
Major C. Smith, Jr
Tom and Evonne Smith
Jeff and Amie Springmeyer
George Steel
Robert Stewart
Mark Stockwell
Charles H. Stoyer
Kurt-Martin Strack
Joe and Mary Studlick
Laura Stutenbecker
Robert and Vivian Talley
Mustafa Tasci
Matthew A. Thanheiser
Julie Thorburn
Nigel J. Thorburn
Jack and Katy Threet
Frederic Tietz
Rainer Tonn
Tom Tourek
Galen Treadgold
Helga Tulinius
Daryl Tweeton
Aldo Vesnaver
Cung Vu
Bernadette Ward
Marta S. Weeks Wulf
Charles L. West
S. C. Weyand
Laurie Whitesell
Robert Wiley
Walter and Betty Williams
David Worthington
Jie Zhang
Rui Zhang
Hao Zhou
Tieyuan Zhu
Sally G. Zinke


Além International Mgmt, Inc.
Apache Corporation
BGP, Inc.
CIRPAC Travel Systems
ExxonMobil Exploration Company
Geosoft, Inc.
Global Geophysical Services Inc.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.
Houston Museum of Natural Science
Marathon Oil Company
McCombs Energy
Noble Energy, Inc
Paradigm Geophysical Corporation
Petroleum Geo-Services Inc.
Shell E&P Company
Statoil ASA
TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company


Permian Basin Geophysical Society
Pacific Coast Section of SEG


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