Established SEG Foundation Endowments

Establishing a program specific endowment provides life-long payouts to our beneficial programs and are an extraordinary way of giving back and leaving a legacy.

Donate to the SEG Foundation

SEG Foundation

When you give to the SEG Foundation, you support the future of your profession and invest in your own career.

Field Camps

SEG/Rutt Bridges Summer Field Camp Grants
CSEG Geophysical Field School Scholarships
Richard Degner Field Camp Grants
Summer of Applied Geophysical Experience (SAGE) Field Camps (sponsored by Geophysical Pursuit, Inc)
O.S. Petty Field Camp Grants

Humanitarian Applications

Geoscientists Without Borders® Endowment (founded by Debra and Mark Gregg/KiwiEnergy )
Michael C. Forrest Honorary Endowed Fund - GWB Endowment


Distinguished Instructor Short Course (DISC) Endowment (sponsored by Dick and Fran Baile)
SEG Near Surface Geophysical Research Awards (sponsored by SEG Near Surface Geophysics Section)
SEG Online Endowment (sponsored by Rutt Bridges)
Publications Endowment


SEG 75th Anniversary Scholarships
AGIP Scholarships
SEG/James L. Allen Scholarships
SEG Foundation/Apache Scholarships
ARCO Scholarships
Michael Bahorich/SEG Scholarships
SEG/David Bartel Scholarships
David and Rebecca Bartel Veteran's Scholarships
Michael L. Batzle Scholarships
Ted Born Memorial Scholarships
SEG/John R. Butler, Jr. Scholarships
ChevronTexaco E&P Scholarships
Dallas Geophysical Society Scholarships
DGS/Karen Kellogg Shaw Memorial Scholarships
John D. Delbridge Memorial Scholarships
SEG/Denver Geophysical Society Scholarships
SEG/Norman and Shirley Domenico Scholarships
Excel Geophysical Services Scholarships
ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co. Scholarships
Michael C. Forrest Scholarships
Donald and Nancy Frye Scholarships
Debra and Mark Gregg Scholarships
Geophysical Society of Alaska Scholarships
Geophysical Society of Houston/Carlton-Farren Scholarships
Geophysical Society of Houston/Hugh Hardy Scholarships
Geophysical Society of Oklahoma City Scholarships
Geophysical Society of Tulsa Scholarships
Frans and Alice Hammons Scholarships
SEG/James and Ruth Harrison Scholarships
SEG/Marvin and Jene Hewitt Scholarships
Fred and Kathi Hilterman Scholarships
SEG/Gerald W. Hohmann Memorial Scholarships
SEG/Frantisek Hron Memorial Scholarships
SEG/Ian G. Jack Scholarships
KEGS/Ontario Scholarships
KEGS/Phillip Hallof Memorial Scholarships

SEG/Lucien LaCoste Scholarships
SEG/David R. Lammlein Scholarships
Landmark Graphics Scholarships
Richard and Rollande Lockhart Scholarships
David E. Lumley Scholarships in Energy & Environmental Science
Thomas A. Mazza Memorial Scholarships
Barbara McBride Memorial Scholarships
Charles G. McBurney Memorial Scholarships
Billy F. Mitcham, Jr. Memorial Scholarships
Billy F. Mitcham, Sr. Memorial Scholarships
SEG/P.C. Havens/Seismic Exchange, Inc. Scholarships
SEG/Henry Bates Peacock Scholarships
Alexander Mihai and Catherine Ann Popovici Scholarships
James D. and Stella M. Robertson Scholarships
Enders Robinson Scholarships
Schlumberger Scholarships
SEG/Gary and Lorene Servos Scholarships
Shell E&P Scholarships
Robert E. and Margaret S. Sheriff Scholarships
Charlie and Jean Smith Scholarships
Michael T. Spradley Memorial Scholarships
Thomsen/SEG/EAGE Scholarships
SEG/Jack and Catherine Threet Scholarships
Aubra Tilley Scholarships
Shirley A. and Stanley H. Ward Scholarships
WesternGeco Scholarships
WesternGeco/Carl Savit Scholarships
WesternGeco/Henry Salvatori Scholarships
J.E. White Memorial Scholarships
SEG/David W. Worthington Scholarships
SEG/Keith H. Wrolstad Memorial Scholarships
Kenneth L. Zonge Scholarships
SEG Foundation Scholarships


Student Support Endowment
SEG/Rutt Bridges Annual Meeting Travel Grants
SEG/Rutt Bridges Emerging Nation Student Chapter Grants
Dan P. Loewenthal Best Student Paper Awards


General Operating Endowment
Historical Preservation Endowment

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