SEG Board of Directors Election Results

The following Active Members have been elected to serve on the Board of Directors:


Arthur C.H. Cheng

Second vice president

Mauricio Sacchi


Mike Mellen


Sergio Chávez-Pérez


Catherine Truffert

Completing the slate of Directors for the 2022-23 term is incoming President Ken Tubman, Joseph Reilly as First Vice President, Jeff Shragge as Vice President, Publications, Anna Shaughnessy as Past President, Allen Bertagne as Chair of the Council, and Brandy Hawkins, Sherif Hanafy, Ana Curcio and Olga Nedorub as Directors at Large. The new Board takes office following the final function of IMAGE 2022.

Council District Election Results

In addition to the Board of Directors election, all Districts are held elections for one new representative.The following SEG members have been elected to serve as District Representatives. Their term began 1 August 2022 and ends 31 July 2024.

District 1

Shawn New

District 2

Tracy Stark

District 3

Sarah Gach

District 4

Scott Gorham

District 5

Oliver Kuhn

District 6

Luis Donoso

District 7

Helene Hafslund Veire

District 8

Florian Bleibinhaus

District 9

Joseph Ebeniro

District 10

Abdullatif A. Al-Shuhail

District 11

Xuri Huang

District 12

James Shadlow


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