SEG Board and District Elections

SEG to hold elections for Board of Directors and districts.


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Nominees for Board of Directors

The following Active Members have been selected by the SEG Committee on Nominations and agreed to be candidates for the 2020 – 2021 board of directors:


Guillaume Cambois

Anna Shaughnessy

Second vice president

Bruce Z. Shang

Huasheng Zheng


Pete Cramer

Xuri Huang


Adel El-Emam

Sherif M. Hanafy


Johannes Douma

Brandy Hawkins

Nominees for Council Districts

In addition to the Board of Directors election, the following Districts are holding elections for one new representative:

District 1

Patrice N. Mahob

Tania Mukherjee

District 2

Frank Brown

Tracy J. Stark

District 3

Karen R. Christopherson

Sarah Gach

District 4

Debotyam Maity

Doug Schmitt

District 5

Carmen C. Dumitrescu

Rachel Newrick

District 6

Javier Núñez Ariza

Ana Curcio

District 7

Anton Bogrash

Yuriy Ivanov

District 8

Horst Rüter

District 9

Uche Irene Aigbokhai

Isaac M. Marobhe

District 10

Sankhadip Bhattacharya

Shokhrukh Shomurodov

District 11

Yonghyun Chung

Yang Liu

District 12

Ahmad Riza Ghazali

Nominations in writing, signed by at least forty voting Members and accompanied by the written consent of the candidate and a brief biography, ready for publication, may be submitted prior to 15 May. The biographies of the board candidates and their position statements are published in TLE. Survey & Ballot Systems, Inc. will handle SEG elections again this year and will mail ballots by 15 June. Eligible voters who have a valid e-mail address on file with SEG will receive personalized pass code information in an e-mail. Voting will end on 31 July with results announced early-August. The new board will begin its term at the end of the 2020 Annual Meeting. Elected District Representatives will serve a two-year term beginning 1 August 2020.

Active, Emeritus, Honorary, Life, and Associate members are eligible to vote on all matters submitted to the membership; however members failing to pay dues by 1 June will not be eligible to vote in the 2020 election.

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