SEG Board of Directors Candidates Needed

All SEG members are encouraged to submit recommendations for positions on the SEG Board of Directors.

The list of Board positions for which nominees are sought for the 2019 election are listed below:

  • President-Elect
  • Second Vice President
  • Vice President, Publications
  • Director at Large

Recommendations for 2019 Board positions can be submitted to by 1 December 2018. Your input will go to the Chair of the Nominations Committee and will be added to the database of potential candidates for the committee to use when selecting new Board nominees.  Include a brief description of the recommended candidate’s background as it relates to SEG and Board requirements.

All Board position descriptions are available for viewing under Governance Documents on the SEG website and will be emailed upon request.

2018-2019 Board of Directors Election Results

The following Active Members have been elected to serve as the 2018 – 2019 Board of Directors:


Richard Miller

Second vice president

Manika Prasad


Dan Ebrom


Maria Angela Capello
David Lumley

2018-2019 Council District Election Results

Along with the new Board of Directors, the following individuals have been elected to represent their Districts:

District 1

Connie J. VanSchuyver

District 2

Tracy J. Stark

District 3

Stuart A. Wright

District 4

Debra Phillips

District 5

Rachel Newrick

District 6

Ana Curcio

District 7

Anton Bogrash

District 8

Sandra Tegtmeier-Last

District 10

Tariq Alkhalifah

District 11

Yonghyun Chung


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