SEG to hold elections for Board of Directors and District Representatives

Nominees for Board of Directors

The following Active Members have been selected by the SEG Committee on Nominations and agreed to be candidates for the 2023 board of directors election.


Gustavo Carstens
John Eastwood

Second vice president

Marianne Rauch
Xianhuai Zhu

Vice President, Publications

Klaus Holliger
Kyle Spikes


Aria Abubakar
Antony Price
Lillian Flakes


Sandeep Chandola
Constantine Tsingas

Note: One Director-at-large candidate has withdrawn from the election.

Nominees for District Representatives

In addition to the Board of Directors election, all Districts are holding elections for one new representative.

District 1

Bryce Swinford
Sharon Teebenny

District 2

Mark Bronston
Neil Judge

District 3

Ge Jin
Christopher Ross

District 4

Shannon Jeffries
Jonathan Woolley

District 5

Craig Funk
Richard Gray

District 6

Walter Gonzalez

District 7

Laura Bornatici

District 8

Barbara Ciurlo
Panos Doulgeris

District 9

Ifeanyichukwu Samuel Obi
Charles O. Ofoegbu

District 10

Ibrahim Attia
Hakim Saibi

District 11

Danping Cao
Xinming Wu

District 12

Kim Frankcombe
Chisato Konishi

To ensure an informed electorate, it is necessary for eligible voters to be aware of the qualifications of the candidates, their familiarity with the Bylaws, and their positions on issues important to the success of the Society. It is also important that the election process be fair to all candidates, and not result in division of the membership and nor in rancor in the candidates themselves or those that share some of their interests and perspectives. Rules governing the election process are provided in the SEG Election Campaign Policy

Utilizing the authority granted in SEG Bylaws Article VI. Section 7, the SEG election process for 2023 will be advanced to accommodate SEG’s Annual Meeting taking place in August. Nominations in writing, signed by at least forty Voting Members and accompanied by the written consent of the candidate and a brief biography, ready for publication, may be submitted prior to 15 April. The biographies of the board candidates and their position statements are published on the SEG website and in TLE. Survey & Ballot Systems, Inc. will handle SEG elections again this year and will send ballots by 15 May. Eligible voters who have a valid e-mail address on file with SEG will receive personalized pass code information in an e-mail. Voting will end on 30 June with results announced mid-July.

Active, Emeritus, Honorary, Life, and Associate members are eligible to vote on all matters submitted to the membership; however members who have not paid 2022 dues by 1 May will not be eligible to vote in the 2023 election. Please e-mail [email protected] with questions regarding the election.


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