Near-Surface Geophysics

  • Auken Receives Frischknecht Award

    Danish researcher and academic Esben Auken was awarded the Frank Frischknecht Leadership Award at SAGEEP.

  • TLE special issues: Hydrogeophysics

    The Leading Edge (TLE) announces a Call for Papers for a special section on Hydrogeophysics scheduled for publication in September 2016.

    Paper submission deadline: 15 May 2016

    Guest Editors:
    Rosemary Knight, Burke Minsley
    Coordinating Editor: John Lane

    View submission guidelines

  • GPR 2016

    The 16th GPR Conference will take place 13-16 June in Hong Kong and will bring together scientists, engineers, industrial delegates, manufacturers, software engineers, and end-users working in all GPR areas, ranging from fundamental electromagnetics, antenna design, algorithm development to applications of all kinds.

    Visit conference website

  • Near-Surface Research Award

    Support the SEG Near-surface Geophysical Research Endowment and help potential key contributors in the field of near-surface geophysics.

    Learn how you can support the award or apply for the award at

  • Become a Member of SEG Near-Surface

    Our mission is to connect, inspire, and propel the people and science of near-surface geophysics.

  • Students: Submit Your Articles Today!

    SEG student chapters have the chance to win a prize of $250 for submitting an article to the near-surface newsletter Near-Surface Views.

Upcoming Events
APRIL 2016

3rd AAPG/SEG International Conference and Exhibition
3-6 April 2016
Barcelona, Spain

JUNE 2016

16th International Conference of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR 2016)
13-16 June 2016
Hong Kong, China

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