Near-Surface GeophysicsNear-Surface Geophysics at SEG

  • Join Near-Surface at SEG Denver 2014

    Technical sessions, luncheon, evening social

    This year's Technical Program will offer five sessions devoted to Near-Surface topics, while the yearly technical luncheon will offer great learning and networking opportunities. Last but not least, don't forget to visit Katie Mullen's Irish Restaurant and Pub to socialize with the Near-Surface Section Tuesday evening!

  • 2014 Near-Surface Honorary Lecturer presenting at AGU Fall Meeting Session

    Near-Surface Seismic Methods for Geohazard Assessment

    Session Description: The session is aimed at presenting theoretical and methodological advancements of high resolution seismic techniques applied to geohazard studies.

    Primary Section/Focus Group: Near-Surface Geophysics

  • Interpretation call for papers

    Geophysical imaging and interpretation of outcrops

    For this special section of Interpretation, we invite papers that focus on applying geophysical tools (e.g., seismic, ground-penetrating radar, and downhole geophysical logging) for imaging and interpretation of outcrops.

    Submit your paper by 30 September!

  • 1st SEG/SBGf Workshop on Near-Surface Geophysics

    Near-Surface Geophysics Applied to Exploration, Engineering and Environmental Studies

    The technical program for the 1st Near-Surface Geophysics Workshop, co-organized by SEG and SBGf, offers a broad range of geophysical methods to address a diverse Near-Surface community that utilizes geophysics methods applied to a large array of applications.

Upcoming Events

Near-Surface Geoscience 2014
14-18 September
Athens, Greece

First Applied Shallow Marine Geophysics Conference
14-18 September 2014
Athens, Greece


SEG Denver 2014: SEG International Exposition and 84th Annual Meeting
26-31 October 2014
Denver, Colorado

Call for Papers


1st SEG/SBGf Workshop on Near-Surface Geophysics
3-4 December 2014
Salvador, Brazil

Call for Papers


GEM Chengdu 2015: Gravity, Electrical and Magnetic Methods and Their Applications
19-22 April 2015
Chengdu, China

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