SEG Sections/Associated Societies

Sections/Associated Societies (SAS) reflect the reach of SEG. These entities are responsible for fostering scientific discussion and collaboration among members who affiliate with them.

Sections/Associated Societies are the structures through which volunteers are identified and nurtured, and it is through Sections that the leadership of the SEG rises and through which those to be honored in the science are identified. There are currently 53 Sections/Associated Societies of SEG.

Each SEG Section/Associated Society is entitled to at least one representative on the SEG Council; larger Sections/Associated Societies are entitled to more representatives (an additional representative per 75 Active SEG Members) as the size increases. The Council is composed of the current Executive Committee, Officers-Elect, Section/Associated Society Representatives and District Representatives, who represent all SEG members who are not members of Sections/Associated Societies. In numbers, Section/Associated Society Representatives dominate the Council. As a group, they have the greatest potential to establish Society policy and procedures.

SEG establishes and nurtures a global network of closely aligned professional Sections/Associated Societies that substantially share the mission of the SEG and cooperate with the Society to promote the science of geophysics and the education of applied geophysicists.

Related organizations
SEG recognizes that there are many beneficial geophysical organizations and societies with no professional ties to SEG other than the common goal of promoting the science.

Intersociety cooperation
In an effort to provide more to members, SEG is increasing its cooperative efforts with other societies.

Student Chapters
Students benefit from SEG's involvement with Student Chapters on university campuses around the world. The professional ties students develop, along with other benefits obtained from student membership, prepare them for a career in the worldwide field of geophysics. Organize the students on your campus and become an SEG Student Chapter.