IGSC Medellin 2013 LAGSCOrganizers, participants readying for upcoming LAGSC event

"Emerging Region, New Trends"

Medellin, Colombia
8-11 April 2013

Industry professionals, university students, and members of academia will kick off the Latin American Geosciences Student Conference (LAGSC) on Monday, 8 April in Medellin Colombia to discuss exciting developments in oil, mineral deposits, and research. Medellin, April 2013 features invited and submitted talks on topics that represent the leading edge of research and exploration, as well as poster presentations, exhibits, numerous short courses and field trips.

Organized by the Colombian Association of Geoscience Students ACEG in Medellin, Colombia with support from SEG, EAGE, AAPG and other sponsors, conference participants will be exposed to a 2-day short course, 3-day technical conference, and 1-day field trip discussing Oil and Gas Exploration and Production, Genesis and Exploration of Ore Deposits, and Tools and Methods Applied to Mining Exploration. The conference is made possible through the cooperative work of students and professionals with the common goal of promoting the growth of earth sciences in Latin America.

For more information, check the event website www.lagsc.org, or the SEG IGSC website. Contact latin@lagsc.org with questions.