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Upcoming Featured Events

2017 GSH/SEG Spring Symposium & Exhibition

12 Apr - 13 Apr 2017
Houston, TX USA

Geophysical Acquisition: Advanced techniques revealing challenging targets is the subject of this symposium. Includes a Roast and Toast honoring Malcolm Lansley and David Monk.

2017 CGS/SEG International Geophysical Conference

17 Apr - 20 Apr 2017
Qingdao, China

The theme of the 2017 CGS/SEG International Geophysical Conference is the challenges and directions adoptable to the current economic environment. It will bring together experts from companies, academia, government agencies, and contractors to exchange ideas, share latest advancements, and case studies of technologies and methodologies. It will discuss the current challenges confronting with and the future directions for prosperous development.

SEG/Sinopec Forum on Foothill Exploration

23 Apr - 24 Apr 2017
Nanjing, China

This forum will be focused on five topics on foothill exploration including acquisition technologies and methods in foothill regions; 3D seismic modeling techniques from complex near-surface topography; seismic imaging techniques through complex near-surface geology (including preprocessing); integrated exploration technologies in foothill regions; and structural geologic-model building in foothill regions.

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