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From the Annual Meeting to a global series of workshops, forums, and seminars, SEG produces and partners on events designed to facilitate learning, networking, and new business development.


Upcoming Global Events

23 Apr - 24 Apr 2017 | Nanjing, China

SEG/Sinopec Forum on Foothill Exploration

This forum will be focused on five topics on foothill exploration including acquisition technologies and methods in foothill regions; 3D seismic modeling techniques from complex near-surface topography; seismic imaging techniques through complex near-surface geology (including preprocessing); integrated exploration technologies in foothill regions; and structural geologic-model building in foothill regions.


26 Apr - 28 Apr 2017 | Singapore

SEAPEX Exploration Conference 2017

The SEAPEX Exploration Conference brings an exciting and authoritative series of insights and overviews into petroleum exploration and production within the Asia-Pacific region.


1 May - 4 May 2017 | Houston, TX USA

OTC 2017

The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is where energy professionals meet to exchange ideas and opinions to advance scientific and technical knowledge for offshore resources and environmental matters.

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15 May - 17 May 2017 | Dubai, UAE

SEG/SPE Reservoir Engineering and Geophysical Monitoring Technologies for EOR Applications

The objective of this workshop is to bring reservoir engineers and geophysicists who are working on reservoir monitoring and management to share their experience on their best practices and technology utilizations in EOR applications.


15 May - 19 May 2017 | Calgary, Canada

GeoConvention 2017

GeoConvention 2017 will be a learning, networking and promoting experience for geoscientists and executives from E&P companies, service companies, the academia and governmental agencies.

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24 May - 26 May 2017 | Belgrade, Serbia

AGES/SEG/EAGE International Conference & Technical Exhibition

The AGES/SEG/EAGE International Conference & Technical Exhibition will be held on the topic of Geoscientists without Borders: Supporting humanitarian applications of Geoscience around the world from 24-26 May 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Belgrade, Serbia.


4 Jun - 6 Jun 2017 | Heifei, China

2017 SEG Microseismic Workshop: Technologies & Applications

This workshop aims to facilitate the communications on latest developments in microseismic technologies and applications, to encourage sharing of microseismic knowledge and to promote applications of microseismic monitoring in various fields.


6 Jun - 9 Jun 2017 | Ohlstadt, Germany

EGU Galileo Conference

In this workshop we aim to discuss the current use of seismic techniques in the study of the Earth’s surface and the processes that act upon it, a field that we collectively refer to as ‘Environmental Seismology’.


12 Jun - 15 Jun 2017 | Paris, France

79th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2017

The programme for Paris 2017, Efficient Use of Technology - Unlocking Potential, includes a conference with a wide variety of technical topics in parallel sessions, including oral and poster presentations.

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19 Jun - 21 Jun 2017 | Spring, TX USA

Microseismic Technology and Hydraulic Fracture Mechanisms

The workshop aims to maximize the exchange of ideas among attendees and presenters through brief technical presentations on hydraulic fracturing that links mechanism to engineering value via seismic and geological observation. By describing highly focused session topics we hope to attract an informed yet diverse audience eager to discuss issues critical to advancing both technology and best practices.


28 Jun - 30 Jun 2017 | Edinburgh, Scotland


The three-day workshop is aimed at exploring advancements in Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) techniques and applications.


24 Jul - 26 Jul 2017 | Austin, Texas

URTeC 2017

URTeC is the only event that brings the entire asset team together under one roof to connect on all things unconventional.

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24 Jul - 27 Jul 2017 | Stanford, California USA

3rd AGU-SEG Hydrogeophysics Workshop

In this workshop, Imaging the Critical Zone, we propose to develop a framework for advancing both hydrogeophysics and critical zone science through communicating and coordinating research agendas.


31 Jul - 3 Aug 2017 | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

SBGf Annual Meeting

The 15th International Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society and the EXPOGEf 2017 will be held at the SulAmérica Convention Center, located in Rio de Janeiro downtown.


6 Aug - 11 Aug 2017 | Singapore

AOGS 14th Annual Meeting

The Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS) was established in 2003 to promote geosciences and its application for the benefit of humanity, specifically in Asia and Oceania and with an overarching approach to global issues.

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16 Aug - 17 Aug 2017 | Houston, TX USA

Summer NAPE

This event offers producers and purchasers a unique chance to connect, reconnect, and make deals. More intimate than the annual NAPE Summit, this show is a “must attend” event to network with the people and players who have firsthand knowledge of the opportunities and prospects throughout the area.


28 Aug - 31 Aug 2017 | Trondheim, Norway

EAGE/SEG Summer Research Workshop

Geophysical Monitoring of CO2 Injection – CCS and CO2-EORThe 2017 SRW, Geophysical Monitoring of CO2 Injection – CCS and CO2-EOR, picks up from the very successful SEG Summer Research Workshop on CO2 Sequestration Geophysics held in Banff, Alberta, Canada in August 2009 and consists of a three-day workshop including Icebreaker Reception and Workshop Dinner. 


3 Sep - 7 Sep 2017 | Malmo, Sweden

EAGE Near Surface Geoscience 2017

Near Surface Geoscience 2017 includes conferences on Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, Airborne Electromagnetics Conference, Sustainable Earth Sciences Conference.

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4 Sep - 6 Sep 2017 | Beijing, China

2017 SEG OBN/OBC Technologies and Applications Workshop

This workshop aims at learning the latest technical developments, sharing experience on practical work, and promoting OBN/OBC technology.


10 Sep - 13 Sep 2017 | Cape Town, South Africa

SAGA 2017

The 15th SAGA Biennial Conference & Exhibition, Expanding Frontiers, is a staple of the geophysical fraternity in Africa that provides a forum for engagement and idea generation and sharing.

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24 Sep - 29 Sep 2017 | Houston, TX USA

SEG International Exposition and 87th Annual Meeting

The SEG International Exposition and 87th Annual Meeting in Houston will provide vast amounts of cutting-edge technical insight, high-level networking and new business development opportunities across multiple disciplines of the geosciences sector, including global oil, gas, mineral exploration, near surface, archeology, and more.


9 Oct - 12 Oct 2017 | Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

International Conference on Engineering Geophysics

The objectives of the ICEG 2017 are to concentrate on global innovation, creativity, advances, and new approaches in the field of engineering/environmental geophysics and in related fields. In addition to the core engineering/environmental and geotechnical focuses of this coming event, special sessions will be held in applications related to Archaeology, Energy, and Forensic Geophysics.


9 Oct - 11 Oct 2017 | San Antonio, Texas USA


The Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition is SPE’s annual meeting of members and features groundbreaking papers and special technical events designed to accelerate the application of innovations in every technical discipline. 


15 Oct - 18 Oct 2017 | London, UK

ICE London 2017

The 4th edition in the joint series, AAPG/SEG ICE London will gather geologists, geophysicists and other petroleum industry professionals from 60+ countries to build their knowledge and skills, discover technology innovations and network with peers.


21 Oct - 25 Oct 2017 | Toronto, Ontario CA


The theme of the Exploration ’17 conference is “Integrating the Geosciences: The Challenge of Discovery”, featuring a multi-national, multi-disciplinary technical programme, exhibition, workshops and field schools.


24 Oct - 26 Oct 2017 | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

OTC Brasil 2017

Organized by the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) and the Brazilian Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels Institute (IBP), this conference is designed for energy professionals to exchange ideas to advance scientific and technical knowledge for offshore resources and environmental matters.


19 Nov - 22 Nov 2017 | Muscat, Oman

Seismic with Simultaneous Sources: Where Does the Industry Stand?

The goal of this workshop is to support and align industry geophysicist’s understanding of current and future simultaneous source acquisition methodologies, such that they may select the most suitable method for their own future challenges.


4 Dec - 6 Dec 2017 | Manama, Bahrain

Full Waveform Inversion: What are we getting?

This workshop assesses the potential of full waveform inversion as we compare the potential outputs and results taking into consideration the challenges and difficulties, with special emphasis on challenges related to high resolution and reservoir attributes, waveform inversion of micro seismic events, and the ever challenging Salt body.


18 Jun - 21 Jun 2018 | Rapperswil, Switzerland

GPR 2018

The 17th International Conference on Ground Penetrating Radar is a four-day conference complemented with pre-conference workshops and tutorials and a post-conference excursion. An exhibition will show the latest soft- and hardware developments.


14 Oct - 19 Oct 2018 | Anaheim, CA USA

SEG International Exposition and 88th Annual Meeting

The SEG Annual Meeting is the world's largest oil, energy and mineral exposition showcasing cutting-edge technology for use in exploration and associated industries. It is the premier venue for individuals to meet and discuss new geophysical technologies and their uses.


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