SEG/DGS New Advances in Quantitative Seismic Reservoir Characterization

4-5 March 2018 | Manama, Bahrain

Call for Papers submission deadline: 6 November 2017


4-5 March 2018
Manama, Bahrain

Seismic data is routinely used for mapping geologic structure and reservoir architecture. In the last few decades, however, geophysicists have elevated the role of seismic data to a higher level by relying more on elastic properties. Consequently, reservoir properties extracted from advanced seismic analysis are used by interpreters for prospect evaluation and reservoir characterization.

The main challenge in reservoir characterization, both conventional and unconventional, is to properly integrate seismic data into a robust geo-cellular model that captures the intra-well spatial distribution of the reservoir properties. The key to overcoming this complexity has always been an effective integration of diverse data and technologies.

Organizing Committee

  • Aiman Bakhorji, Saudi Aramco (Co-Chairman)
  • Mohamed Hafez Abdul Razak, Kuwait Oil Company (Co-Chairman)
  • Dario Grana, University of Wyoming
  • Mohammed Kaf, Saudi Aramco
  • Abdulaziz Muhaidib, DGS
  • Tarek Nafie, Schlumberger
  • Christian Nabulele Oviawe, ADNOC
  • Beth Rees, CGG
  • Mohammed Saleh, Saudi Aramco
  • Abdul Wahab Alahmari, Saudi Geophysical


Hyra Dalisay
SEG Middle East
Telephone: +97143724880


Who should attend?

Geophysicists, geologists, petrophysicists and petroleum engineers specializing in seismic imaging, interpretation, sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy, reservoir modeling and seismic reservoir characterization from industry and academia. 

Workshop format

The workshop will not only include general submissions but also feature presentations by invited experts in their field to share their experiences and lessons learned.

There will be a minimum of four sessions over the 2-day workshop. We will aim for one key speaker per session with a closing session at the end of the workshop to serve as a summary and outlook going forward. The Oral sessions are made up of 20 minutes presentations and 5 minutes questions. After each 45 minutes a discussion session will be planned. The objective is to allow participants to discuss in details and learn what has worked for them and debate on issues and challenges facing them during their daily workflows. Session chairs will serve as discussion leaders during the 45 minutes.

Technical Program

Submit your abstract to Hyra Dalisay, SEG Middle East no later than 6 November 2017.

In the industry, seismic data, in a quantitative sense, is not optimally utilized in reservoir modeling and characterization. The Quantitative Seismic Reservoir Characterization Workshop will focus on a more pragmatic strategy by translating seismic inversion results, using an advanced probabilistic approach with the integration of geological information e.g. sedimentology, structural interpretation and sequence stratigraphy to produce 3D volumes exhibiting facies with associated fluid predictions. This provides a powerful 3D framework for swift asset decisions and integration with geo-modeling workflows.

We invite abstracts for the following technical topics (oral & poster presentations)

  • Seismic Data Processing and Conditioning for AVA / AVO Analysis
  • Petrophysics
  • Rock Physics Modeling and Seismic Facies
  • Sedimentological Lithofacies
  • Seismic Modeling and Interpretation
  • Geo-cellular Modeling
  • Fracture Characterization, Geomechanics and Pore Pressure
  • Unconventional Plays (Shales and Tight Sands)
  • Stochastic Seismic Inversion for Facies
  • Integration of Microseismic for Enhanced Reservoir Characterization
  • Joint Seismic and CSEM Inversion
  • Advanced Methods in Borehole Seismic

Abstract Format

Minimum of 2-page abstract + 1 figure, single column

Abstracts should include sufficient detail for the committee to judge the quality of the paper. Abstracts should be a minimum of 2 pages, text plus 1 figure, with a maximum of 4 pages. Abstracts should be on 8.5 x11 inch paper size, have text in Roman font, and include both text and figures. Title should be one or two-line, at the top of the page, in bold font, and size 12 points. Authors should be listed in Roman italic font, size 10 points, and located just below the title. All text must stay 1 inch clear of the margins of the page. Submissions should be in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.


Sponsorship Opportunities

To maximize exposure and visibility for our partners, we offer an array of unique sponsorship opportunities designed to suit a range of budgets with target specific audiences for optimum return on investment. For a list of sponsorship opportunities and an application form for sponsorship, see the Sponsorship Packet in the Important Documents section of this page, or contact Hyra Dalisay for additional information.

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