The K-12 Slide Sets
From the Society of Exploration Geophysicists

These K-12 slide sets are designed to more easily enable you to make presentations to your local Elementary and Secondary Schools about Exploration Geophysics and the petroleum industry. You will find both a Web-based version of the slide set and a Microsoft PowerPoint slide file which you can download for each slide set below.

If you download these slide sets, please let us know how effective they are and any suggestions that you have for their improvement by clicking here.

Work is underway to have all the slide sets available in English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Italian and Chinese.
Available soon in Portuguese.


Slide set #1 (prepared by Kay Wyatt, Phillips Pet. Co.) has a basic introduction to Geophysics and covers Electrical, Magnetic, Gravity, and Seismic methods. In addition, it has some fun experiments that you can use to help keep the kids interest.
Slide set #2 (prepared by Tom A. Sheeran, Chevron Nigeria Ltd.) has a wonderful introduction to the entire exploration, drilling, and production end of the Petroleum industry.