Honorary Lecture library

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The SEG Honorary Lecture Program began in 2006 and is aligned with six geographical regions of the world. Because of Shell's investment in the SEG Foundation, these lectures are recorded for online viewing.

You can also browse presentation slides in PDF format for selected Honorary Lecturers.

The page below is for SEG Honorary Lecturers. Are you looking for the SEG Distinguished Lecturer presentations?

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Dave Isles Online Presentation
Dave Isles
2013 Pacific South

Aeromagnetics–A Driver for Discovery & Development of Earth Resources

Eduardo Filpo
Eduardo Filpo
2012 Central & South America

Image ray time-to-depth conversion
and model ray applications

This presentation is also available in Portuguese.

Ian Jones Online Presentation
Ian Jones
2012 Europe

From imaging to inversion


Shuki Ronen
Shuki Ronen
2012 North America

Ocean-bottom acquisition and processing: past, present and future

Rocco Detomo
Rocco Detomo
2012 Middle East & Africa

4D Time-Lapse Seismic Reservoir Monitoring of African Reservoirs

Julian Cabrera
Julian Cabrera
2011 Central & South America

Prestack Depth Migration: Current status, Examples and Future

This presentation is also available in Spanish.


Jung-Ho Kim
Jung-Ho Kim
2011 South & East Asia

Incorporating the Fourth Dimension
into Geophysical Data Interpretation

Tariq Alkhalifah
Tariq Alkhalifah
2011 Middle East & Africa

Seismic Imaging: Kirchhoff, bean,
WEM, RTM, Anisotropy, what is next?

Lucy MacGregor
2011 Europe

Integrating well logs, seismic, and
CSEM data for reservoir characterization


Susan Webb
Susan Webb
2010 Middle East & Africa

Deep gravity—long wavelengths
and measured moho

Deva Ghosh
2010 South and East Asia

Geophysical issues and challenges
in Southeast Asia with emphasis on
Malay Basin

HL Alan G. Green
Alan G. Green
2010 ASEG/SEG Australia-Pacific South

3D GPR and high-resolution seismic reflection images of active faults in
New Zealand


Mike Batzle
2010 North America

It's the fluids that count

Ben Clennell
Ben Clennell

2010 Pacific South

Electrical properties of sedimentary
rocks from DC to dielectric

Bill Goodway
Bill Goodway

2009 North America

The magic of lamé


José Carcione
José Carcione

2009 Central & South America

On the physics and simulation of
waves for exploration and
environmental geosciences

This presentation is also available in Spanish.

Samir Abdelmoaty
Samir Abdelmoaty
2009 Middle East & Africa

Multi-azimuth seismic in the
Nile Delta, Egypt

Per Avseth
Per Avseth
2009 Europe

Mind the gap in seismic reservoir prediction: How rock physics can
bridge the gap between qualitative geology and quantitative geophysics


Bob A. Hardage
Bob A. Hardage
2009 BEG/SEG joint North America
Honorary Lecturer

Expanding seismic stratigraphy to
the full-elastic wavefield

Andrew S. Long
Andrew S. Long
2009 Pacific South

Multi-azimuth and wide-azimuth
seismic: Foundations, challenges,
and opportunities

C.H. Mehta
C. H. Mehta
2009 South & East Asia

Significance of Fresnel zones in
seismic reflection prospecting


Paulo Johann
Paulo Johann
2008 Central & South America

Reservoir geophysics: Characterization and monitoring offshore Brazil

Richard O. Lindsay
Richard O. Lindsay
2008 North America

Forgotten geophysics: A reminder that first-order effects should come first

Shivaji N. Dasgupta
Shivaji N. Dasgupta
2007-2008 Middle East & Africa

Emerging geophysical tools for
reservoir monitoring in intelligent fields