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The SEG Advanced Modeling Corporation is led by a Board of Directors, each serving a three-year term.

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Board Member Biographies

Manik Talwani, Chair

Manik Talwani

Manik Talwani, PhD, is the Schlumberger Professor Emeritus of Advanced Studies and Research Professor of Earth Science at Rice University. Previous positions include serving as Director of the Geo-technology Research Institute at the Houston Advanced Research Center, Chief Scientist at the Gulf Research & Development Company, Director of the Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory of Columbia University, where he was a professor of geophysics, and most recently, President and CEO of Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Management International which provides science management of the drilling project funded by U.S.A., Japan and 20 other countries. He currently researches the feasibility of expanding use of Venezuelan heavy oil, tracing leakage of carbon dioxide sequestered in drill holes, investigates the geological structure of the San Andreas fault and the tectonic evolution of the Bay of Bengal. He arranges sessions at national meetings to assist cooperation between academia and industry. An editor of multiple books, he has more than 150 published articles and has led more than 20 ocean going research expeditions. He has received honors and awards from learned societies in India, Europe and U.S.A. He received his PhD from Columbia University and an Honorary Doctorate from Oslo University, Norway.

Leon Thomsen, Vice Chair

Leon Thomsen

Leon Thomsen holds degrees in geophysics from Caltech (BS, 1964) and Columbia (PhD, 1969). His academic career began with postdoctoral appointments at CNRS in Paris, and at Caltech, followed by tenured faculty appointments at the State University of New York at Binghamton (1972-80). Thomsen's industrial career began in 1980, at Amoco's famous Tulsa Research Center. In 1995, he moved to Amoco's Worldwide Exploration Group in Houston, to help implement the ideas that he had earlier helped to invent. Following the 1999 merger, he served in BP's Exploration and Production Technology Group in Houston as Principal Geophysicist and Senior Advisor. Following retirement from BP in 2008, he remains professionally and scientifically active as Chief Scientist of Delta Geophysics (, as Research Professor at the University of Houston, and as Visiting Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.Thomsen has led technical development in applied geophysics through innovation in vector seismics (polar anisotropy, azimuthal anisotropy, azimuthal AVO, converted-waves, and Life-of-Field-Seismics); in pore-pressure prediction; and most recently in CSEM and fluid dependence of seismic response, through numerous SEG publications and presentations, and many patents.Thomsen was an early recipient (1960-64) of an SEG Scholarship. He received SEG's Fessenden Award in 1994. He served as SEG Distinguished Lecturer in 1997 and as SEG/EAGE Distinguished Instructor in 2002. He is an Honorary Member of GSH and of EAGE. He was appointed a foreign member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, and given their Kapitsa Medal in 2004. He served SEG as Vice President, as President-Elect, and as President (2006-07).

Robert (Bob) Corbin, Treasurer

Robert (Bob) Corbin

Robert (Bob) Corbin spent 26 years working for Conoco and ConocoPhillips in research and technology development and implementation groups. His experience included projects to extend vibratory source bandwidth, develop Sh-wave exploration concepts, and facilitate the use of VPS and seismic inversion by exploration and development departments. Bob received a PhD in Atomic & Molecular Physics from the University of Texas at Austin in 1973 and worked on a research grant from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research while a post-doctoral Fellow at the University of Missouri at Rolla before switching careers to the geosciences. After retiring from ConocoPhillips, he formed Corbin Geophysical in 2003, where he currently provides consulting services for seismic acquisition and processing, well ties and pre- and post-stack seismic inversion. He has been a member of SEG since 1977 and previously served on the SEAM audit/finance committee.

Kevin Bishop

Kevin Bishop

Kevin Bishop has over thirty-one years of professional experience. Prior to his Chevron retirement, he served nearly twenty-one years with Texaco in special seismic projects involving processing, integration, research, and development. He is an expert in all aspects of seismic processing and imaging with particular skills in refraction modeling and near surface statics. Prior to his retirement from BHP Billiton, he served over ten years designing and managing processing and imaging projects that pushed the envelopes of current technology to optimize the final products. Kevin was chairman of the ProMAX Users' Group, active member of the SMAART joint venture, and Chairman of the SEAM Phase I Management committee. He is currently a member of the SEAM Corp. Board of Directors. He is a member of SEG, EAGE, GSH, and AAAS.

Nancy House

Nancy House

Nancy House, a member of SEG for 38 years, has worked as a geophysicist for multinational corporations and small independent oil companies primarily as an interpreter in on and offshore US, South America and Africa (West and East), and other areas. She is second-generation oil field, growing up in South America and Singapore. She has a BA in Geology/Geophysics from the University of Wyoming, (1976), an MSc in Geophysics from Colorado School of Mines (1979), and did additional postgraduate work at Colorado School of Mines in Reservoir Characterization, Economics and Geophysics (2000-2002). From the first SEG Annual Meeting Nancy attended in San Francisco in 1978 as a student, she knew that SEG would play an important part in her career. Early on SEG provided valuable training, networking opportunities and guidance in professional standards and ethics. Nancy has served on numerous committees including the International Affairs Committee (precursor to Global Affairs committee), GAC, Women's Network Committee, Finance Committee, Membership Committee and the organizing committee for Research Workshop (D&P – Krakow 2013).   She served as Denver Geophysical Society President/Past President from 2008-2010, General Chairman for AM 2010, and Secretary-Treasurer 2011-2012, Chairman of SEG Women's Network Committee 2012-2013, and the Finance Committee 2012-2014.    She has been a regular contributor to TLE, presenter at meetings (Best Poster 1995), a reviewer for Geophysics and a session chair for various meetings. As she served on several task forces to understand critical business issues around SEG.  She is member of AAPG, DallGS, DenGS, RMAG, DivEnvirGeol (AAPG), AGU, AWG, and EAEG.

Chuck Peng

Chuck Peng

Chuck (Chengbin) Peng has a Bachelor degree in Geology from Beijing University and a PhD in Geophysics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has worked for oil and gas industry for more than 20 years, evenly divided between oil majors (Shell International E&P and later BHP Billion Petroleum USA ) and service companies (Corelab, Nexus and Schlumberger). He has extensive publications in borehole acoustics, seismic depth migration, geomechanics and seismic guided drilling applications. His major contribution is in interpretative velocity modeling for advanced depth imaging that integrates geology and geophysics into one workflow. He was the founder and president of Nexus Geosciences Inc, and later became a part of Schlumberger Geosolutions. His current role at Schlumberger is Global Exploration Advisor. He also sits on SEG board of trustees.

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