SEAM Pore Pressure Extension (PPX)

4D Pressure Prediction through Improved Seismic Imaging and Reservoir Characterization

The main SEAM Pressure Prediction project focuses on predicting pore pressure, prior to drilling, using surface seismic (and EM) data. By contrast, the Pore Pressure Extension project (PPX), separately funded, focusses on understanding the evolution of pore pressure, during production, using time-lapse seismic data, and reservoir characterization. By contrast with SEAM’s Life of Field project, PPX is smaller, simpler, and quicker.

PPX is funded (80%) by a $500,000 grant from NETL, with a $125,000 (in-kind) matching contribution from SEAM. Due to the specific requirements of NETL, the project will be complete, with all Deliverables delivered, at the end of September, 2016. This tight deadline means that the model is small (seismic: 12.5km x 12.5km x 5km; reservoir: 5km x 5km x .4km), and the reservoir mechanics are simple. However, the seismic modeling has specifications comparable to those of other recent SEAM projects.

The Project Management Team and Technical Committee have been hard at work since 4Q15. Many decisions had to be made under extreme time pressure. But the project status is On Schedule and On Budget.

This Vshale image captures the level of realism of the model

All the other petrophysical and geophysical parameters are specified in comparable detail. Extraordinary effort by Technical Committee member Joe Stefani, and his colleagues at Chevron were instrumental in developing this model. The plan includes a baseline seismic simulation, followed by a production scenario with realistic reservoir geomechanical response, and a monitor seismic simulation.

The complete model was put out to bid in early March, with a deadline in early April. Bids were evaluated by mid-April, and the successful bidders were approved by the SEAM BoD in late April.

The successful bidders were:

  • AGT for seismic modeling
  • Ikon Science for reservoir simulation

Those vendors are currently hard at work, painfully aware of their tight deadline.

The PPX project will be complete, just prior to the SEG convention in Dallas. There will be a post-convention workshop presenting the results, organized by SEAM Director Josef Paffenholz . Digital results will be made to financial sponsors of both the Pore Pressure Prediction and the Life of Field SEAM projects.

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