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SEG recognized for significant contributions made to geophysical innovation and the promotion of exploration geophysics.


Includes first Innovation Award in Geophysics


CFA opens 1 February 2017 and closes 1 April 2017


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More than 5,700 were in attendance


Devon CEO Hager stresses the importance of technology


Committee for Passive Seismology recently established


Includes 10 competency models for key geoscience careers


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3-D Images Reveal Features of Martian Polar Ice Caps
Planetary Science Institute, 1 January 2016

The January issue of The Leading Edge features a special section on Remote sensing. One of the featured articles, "3D imaging of Mars' polar ice caps using orbital radar data," was mentioned in a recent press release from The Planetary Science Institute (PSI).

Read the PSI press release | Read the Jan TLE article

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