Full Waveform inversion: What are we getting?

4-6 Dec 2017 | Manama, Bahrain

Call for abstracts extended to 19 May 2017!


4-6 Dec 2017 (plus a potential field trip day)
Manama, Bahrain


Full waveform inversion has emerged as a key technology for pursuing our Earth imaging objectives. However, to achieve these objectives, we need to address the following open issues:

  • What acquisition effort is needed and worthwhile? What benefit is delivered by broadband, long-offset data?
  • What are the limits of the acoustic formulation in the presence of large elastic contrasts (e.g., salt, volcanic, basalts, etc.)? How far can we push these back with multi-parameter formulations? Can acoustic FWI still deliver value where, a priori, it might seem necessary to switch to (visco-)elastic formulations such as onshore or in areas with strong property contrasts?
  • Are we able to recover the kinematics of reflections, even with a sufficiently good initial model with a waveform approach or should we rely on image-based methods and their extensions?
  • How does high-resolution FWI compare with traditional impedance inversion approaches for reservoir characterization in 3D and 4D? Can we directly interpret the FWI output instead of going to attributes?
  • Is there any real benefit from applying waveform inversion to micro-seismic events and/or any other kind of passive seismic data?
  • What applications of FWI deliver clear business value and how – risk reduction, improved turnaround?


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Technical Program

Submit your abstract to middleeast@seg.org

This workshop invites contributions reviewing current applications of FWI, including model-building, quantitative imaging and time-lapse inversion, discussing challenges encountered and overcome, business value delivered and opportunities for the future. We also welcome papers discussing new developments in FWI, including elastic inversion, alternative objective functions, the benefits of time windowing and its role in monitoring and passive seismic studies.

Abstract subjects

In this, the third of the series of (Middle East) workshops on the subject of full waveform inversion, we move our focus to results – the current benefits realized from FWI and those perceived as arriving in the near future. We seek answers and testimony as to whether FWI can deliver any or all of:

Better seismic images
Improved velocity models in complex areas, such as subsalt
More accurate reservoir characterization
More precise locations of microseismic events caused by fracking and induced seismicity
Reliable information on changes in reservoir states over time from repeated acquisitions
Uncertainty information necessary to quantify our confidence in the results for a price the end-user is happy to pay, so that we may evaluate where we are and where we should go with FWI.



Husam Mustafa, Saudi Aramco


Tariq Al Khalifah, KAUST

Technical Committee Members

Riyadh Al-Saad, Saudi Aramco

Kwangjin Yoon, Saudi Aramco

Ali Momin, Saudi Aramco

Herve Chauris, MINES Paristech

Gerhard Pratt, Western University

Rene Plessix, Shell

Aldo Vesnaver, Petroleum Institute

Jiubing Cheng, Tongji University

Denes Vigh, Schlumberger

Gilles Lambare, CGG

Maarten de Hoop, Rice University

Anatoly Baumstein, ExxonMobil

Ahmad Riza Ghazali, Petronas

Tugrul Konuk, Petronas

Mohammad Jassem, KOC

Paul Williamson, TOTAL

Li Peimingz, BGP

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19 May

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