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SEG has partnered with IHRDC to provide interactive training courses that respond to your individual needs and skill level.

Today's interactive technology has evolved to the point where software and web applications can present educational content in a format that adapts to the evolving skills and understanding of the student, allowing students to test their knowledge or navigate through course materials according to preference.

SEG seeks to provide the benefits of this technology to users across the globe. Through our partnership with the International Human Resources Development Corp., we have developed a full battery of eLearning courses, each approximately 1-8 hours in duration, that can be purchased online at affordable prices and completed with any standard computer equipment.

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For more information please contact our eLearning department: ondemand@seg.org 

Course offering

IHRDC provides two levels of learning: Background Learning, with which users gain knowledge, skills, and procedural acumen; and Action Learning, with which they master practical applications through real-life assignments.

Background Learning

Petroleum Geophysics

Petroleum Geology

Petroleum Engineering

Formation Evaluation

Action Learning


Geophysics 101

Dr. Leon Thomsen

In addition to the IHRDC eLearning courses below, SEG has also developed Geophysics 101, taught by renowned geophysicist Dr. Leon Thomsen.

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