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The full listing of SEG training courses for classroom or in-house training.

Ian F. Jones

The course will commence with an overview of different migration schemes, and cover the motivations for building detailed velocity models, and briefly discuss the inherent limitations on our ability to build a detailed model.

Christopher L. Liner

This course is an overview of carbonates from geology to seismic interpretation, with particular emphasis on karst topography and seismic expression thereof.

William Harbert

In this SEG two-day course the basic physics relevant to CO2 are presented, including the descriptions of gas, liquid and super critical phases (scCO2).

John Bancroft

This course reviews mathematics from high-school and university, and then expands their concepts with practical examples to provide the fundamentals that are required for developing practical applications and algorithms in seismic processing.

Tim E. Smith

This two-day course provides a robust background in both the fundamentals and advanced aspects of 2D and 3D reflection seismic interpretation.

Tijmen Jan Moser

The imaging of seismic diffractions is a rapidly emerging technology. The course will cover both the forward and inverse problems.

Seismic Interpretation in Deep Water Basins by Roberto Fainstein and Jeffrey Johnson This course is based on the systematic, comparative interpretation of modern, long offset, regional seismic profiles with time and depth migration and several suites of selected 3D data in the deep-water realm from around the...

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