Exhibitor Registration

Exhibiting at the SEG Annual Meeting? Follow the instructions below to ensure that you and your staff are registered for the event.

Register now

To register by fax or by mail, please use the Registration Form

Exhibiting companies have a Key Contact that can access/process staff registrations. Below are the options and steps the Key Contact should take to register staff. To save time onsite, we strongly recommend completing registrations prior to the Early Bird deadline, 20 July 2017 (11:59 PM CST).

  1. Exhibitor Delegate

    Two complimentary, full-delegate registrations per 100 square feet will be provided to each exhibiting company. These are shown as Exhibitor Delegate on the registration screen.  

  2. Booth Staff

    An unlimited number of booth staff registrations can be purchased for $125.00 each. Booth staff registrations only allow access to the exhibit floor and do not provide access to the technical sessions. These are shown as Exhibitor Booth Staff on the registration screen.

  3. Exhibitor Visitor Passes

    Exhibiting companies will receive complimentary visitor passes valid for entry to the exhibition hall during exhibit hall hours on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The passes do not include a ticket to the Sunday Icebreaker. Visitor passes are intended for exhibiting companies to distribute to their clients and business prospects, not staff. Instructions on redeeming these passes will be sent to your company Key Contact via email approximately 30 days before the conference begins.

  4. Non-exhibitor Specific Registrations

    These are available for purchase as needed and will be shown on the registration screen.

To begin the registration process, please see below:

  1. Click "Register Now".
  2. Log in using your SEG credentials. If you do not know your login information, please contact registration@seg.org for assistance.
  3. Select "Create Registration".
  4. Locate your employee in the dropdown list. Click “Register”. If he/she is not in the list, utilize the "Search For A Person To Register" option. If the search yields “No Results Found”, select “Create a New Customer” and enter the required data.
  5. Confirm the registrant's information. If the information is incorrect, email the new data to registration@seg.org . The record will update when the new information is entered. Continue with the registration process.
  6. Select a registration.
  7. View the “Badge Preview” and make modifications as needed.
  8. Guest registrations can be purchased as needed.
  9. Additional events, such as luncheons, tours, etc., may be purchased from the "Events and Extras" screen.
  10. Once the registration process is complete for an individual, the Key Contact will have the option to pay for the registration, save the current registration, or add a registration to the order. All saved orders may be paid in a single transaction at a later date.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Key Contact?

Please contact registration@seg.org and an associate will assist you.

How do I delete a registration?

If the registration is unpaid, you can locate the specific registration by selecting "View Registrations" and clicking the red "X" to delete any line item on the registration. The entire registration can be canceled by selecting “Make Changes" and choosing “Cancel Order”.

How do I transfer a registration to a different staff member?

Only complimentary registrations can be transferred. To begin a transfer, access “View Registrations”. Click “Make Changes” next to the person’s name. Select “Transfer” and follow the prompts. If the order is paid, submit a written request to registration@seg.org providing all applicable information, to include registrant’s name and order number.

What if I cannot log in?

If you have trouble logging in, please try resetting your username or password. Contact registration@seg.org if you are unable to reset your credentials and we will be happy to assist.

How do I know how many complimentary registrations I have used?

Immediately after signing in, the company information screen will display the number of complimentary registrations that are used and available.


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