SEG Committees

As a not-for-profit Society, SEG relies on its committees to keep the organization running smoothly. These committees manage everything from the organizational government to technical matters of geophysical interest to the Society's publications.

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SEG Board of Directors
SEG Board of Directors

Standing Committees
AGU-SEG Collaboration Committee
Annual Meeting Steering
Audit Committee
Bylaws Committee
Committee For Passive Seismology
Committee on Nominations
Committee on University and Student Programs
Compensation Committee
Continuing Education
Continuous Innovation Portfolio
Development and Production
Distinguished Lecture
EAGE/SEG Collaboration Committee
Earth Model
Emerging Professionals International Committee (EPIC)
Eurasia Regional Advisory Committee
Europe Regional Advisory Committee
EVOLVE Committee
Field Camps Committee
Finance Committee
Geoscientists Without Borders
Global Advisory Committee
Gravity and Magnetics
Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE)
Honors and Awards
Latin America Regional Advisory Committee
Meetings Review and Planning Committee
Middle East Advisory Committee
Publications Policy Committee
SEG Oil & Gas Reserves Committee
SEG Women's Network Committee
SEG/AAPG Cooperation Committee
SEG/NGWA Cooperation Committee
SEG/SPE Cooperation Committee
Strategy and Planning Committee
Technical Program Committee
Technical Standards
Travel Grant Committee
Wiki Committee

Ad Hoc Committees
Certification Task Force

Books Editorial Board
Interpretation Editors
TLE Editorial Board

SEG Foundation
SEG Foundation Board of Directors

SEG Global, Inc.
China Advisory Committee
SEG Global, Inc. Board of Directors

SEG Real Estate Corp.
SEG Real Estate Board

Technical Section
Near Surface

SEG Representatives
AGI Classification Committee
AGI Environmental Geoscience Advisory Committee
AGI Government Affairs Program Advisory Committee
AGI Member Society Council Representative
Arctic Technology Conference Program Committee
GeoScienceWorld Advisory Council
Int'l Assoc of Oil & Gas Producers Surveying & Positioning
IPTC Board of Directors
NAPE Advisory Board
Offshore Technology Conference
OTC Asia Program Committee
OTC Brasil Program Committee
OTC Program Committee
URTeC Management Committee

SEG Advanced Modeling
SEAM Board of Directors
SEAM Finance Committee
SEAM Life of Field Management Committee
SEAM Phase I Management Committee
SEAM Phase II Management Committee
SEAM Pressure Prediction Management Committee

SEG Distinguished Instructor Short Course (DISC)

IRS Forms 990, 1024 and certain other governance documents are available upon request.

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